Tuesday, November 1, 2016

When a Movie Stinks as Much as This One Does, The Only Question Worthy of Being Asked Is..."Were Universal Studios / SyFy Channel Really Behind Making This Piece of Sh*t?"

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Yes..."Columbia Pictures / Sony"...are credited with making this horrible thing ("Ghostbusters 2016"), but it turned out so horribly it only echoes the horrible things..."Universal Studios / SyFy Channel"....have done with Science Fiction / Fantasy in the past.

This horrible..."Piece of Sh*t"...would fit quite comfortably within the..."Universal Studios / SyFy Channel Movie / TV Library of Horribly Trashy Sh*t"....

1. The horrible script
2. The horrible producing
3. The horrible directing
4. The horrible miscasting
5. Not one funny line of dialogue, even in the extended director's cut
6. Not one of the female leads were remotely funny
7. The cameos came across as the typical..."Has Been Nonsense"...of the..."SyFy Channel"

8. Not even the ghosts were funny or appealing. The ghosts were just ugly to look at. Especially that..."Stay Puft Marshellow Man"...knockoff in the baggy jammies trashing the city at the end of the movie.

This would have been the perfect movie for..."Universal Studios / SyFy Channel"...to have made because it is filled with their..."Atypical"..."I don't give a shit about the source material"....nonsense and attitude throughout.

I consider this to be the sequel to Universal Studios..."R.I.P.D."...and not..."Ghostbusters 1984"...


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