Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's See If We Can Get On The Same Psychological Wavelength That Bonnie Hammer And David Howe Have Been On


Bonnie Hammer and David Howe have definitie opinions as to what constitutes a "Geek" and what doesn't. According to them, you're a "Geek" if you like classic.....space based.....science fiction such as the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series....classic "Star Trek".....and "Star Wars."

You're not a "Geek" if you like what they put on the air....such as "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"...."WWF Wrestling"....."Ghost Hunters"....and "Fact or Faked."

Funny.....it appears to me that it should be the other way around.

SyFy Channel and the Absence of Integrity: A Case Study

SyFy and the Absence of Integrity: A Case Study

Bonnie Hammer: The one woman demolition force of all things Science Fiction on the former Sci-Fi Channel.


quote - "At TV.com, there is a fascinating account of the evolution of the Sci Fi Channel, once cable’s reliable source for science fiction programming, into SyFy, which is nothing of the sort. As the article points out, the two individuals who have run the channel since 2002, Bonnie Hammer and Dave Howe, appear not to like, understand, or trust the genre their channel supposedly was dedicated to advancing. Now, having cancelled the two shows its science fiction fans most enjoyed, “Caprica” and “Stargate Universe,” SyFy is a bona fide whatsis, with a schedule that includes professional wrestling, cheesy horror movies, ghost hunter and psychic reality shows, and whatever else Hammer and Howe think will attract what they regard as a non-geek audience.

Here is the problem: if a project, enterprise, or mission has to turn into something else entirely to achieve what its management considers success, then it has already failed. If the original objective was worth pursuing, then integrity and honesty requires that either new leadership dedicated to the core mission be recruited, or the project should end.

It is clear from the various comments in the article that neither Howe nor Hammer ever respected either the Sci Fi Channel’s core audience and genre programming. That being the case, it was unethical for them to accept the challenge of running it. If Disney has to become a porn company to stay in the black, it has an obligation to just fold its tents and start a new company with a different mission. Having the Cartoon Channel run by people who don’t like cartoons, or the Soap Opera Channel run by people who think soap operas are stupid, or the History Channel operated by suits who think history is boring, is unfair to the vision, the mission, and the audience of those channels.

Yet the Sci Fi Channel was placed in the hands of executives who looked upon science fiction and its fans as obstacles to profitability. As a result, even if their business model “succeeds”, the mission of having a science fiction cable channel will have failed.

The absence of integrity is fatal." - unquote

SyFy Channel Executives (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, Mark Stern) And Their In-House Producers (David Eick) Remind Me of Those Wal-Mart And McDonalds Employees You Always See Loafing On The Job....Who Never Get Fired No Matter What


We've all seen them haven't we? In the neighborhood Wal-Mart where we shop and the McDonalds we've been going to for years and years. Those employees who we know are nothing but good for nothing loafers, but for whatever reason never get fired. These employees grow old working at Wal-Mart and McDonalds, passing the time away chatting among one another while there is a pallet filled with "Roto-Rooters" needing to be stocked on the shelves, or chatting among one another while customers standing in line are waiting to order a "Big Mac Value Meal."

Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, Mark Stern, and David Eick are like that. Loafing around on the job while television viewers wait for them to put something (anything) of a bare minimum quality on the air. Yet they never get fired.  They're growing old at the SyFy Channel doing nothing of any residual value unless Comcast does something about it. Such as....laying down the new "Riot Act" of Comcast which should be...."Either you turn the SyFy Channel around financially (start making serious money).....or you're out of here."

Simultaneously, perhaps the shareholders are still waiting around for the SyFy Channel to start making serious money.

The old guard is still at the SyFy Channel (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, Mark Stern, David Eick.) Still going through their habitual motions of putting television programming on the air that isn't interesting in the sightest to anyone ("Blood & Chrome")....and certainly isn't making the kind of money for the SyFy Channel that needs to be made for a cable channel.

I think the next time I go to Wal-Mart to pick up a DVD or an air-mattress.....or if I go to McDonalds to pick up a "Big Mac Extra Value Meal".....I'm going to start labeling the loafing employees I see with the appropriate nick names....

"Hey.....there's Bonnie Hammer again chatting with David Eick!!"......Hey, there's Mark Stern chatting with David Howe!!"

Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Does The SyFy Channel Have To Isolate Itself From The Rest Of The Broadcast / Cable Industry With Its Own....Private "Upfronts" Ceremony?



"The 2011 Syfy Upfront will be presented at the Foxwoods Theatre, where the channel is hosting a live performance of SPIDER-MAN Turn Off the Dark for the advertising community. Syfy is the official media partner of the Broadway show."

The broadcast and cable television industry has already held its "2011 Upfronts Ceremony." Evidently, the SyFy Channel doesn't participate in that en masse ceremony but instead.....holds its own.....private "Upfronts Ceremony".....isolated from the rest of the broadcast and cable industry.

This doesn't surprise me in the slightest as I honestly cannot envision the SyFy Channel being able to hold its corporate head up high in the presence of its peers....not after its long troubled history of providing garbage television programming on a routine basis.. This sheds a new light (as far as I'm concerned) on the SyFy Channel's reputation within the much larger sphere of its mismatched profession. In short, I don't believe that the SyFy Channel is held in the highest regard by its peers in the broadcast and cable industry and thus, they have to isolate themselves from them. It's also a safe bet that the SyFy Channel isn't in the same financial league as the rest of its peers, and thus have to remain isolated from them out of embarrassment.

Exactly what sorts of advertisers is the SyFy Channel going to try and "woo" at this extremely private and isolated...."Boy In The Plastic Bubble" ceremony of theirs? It certainly couldn't and wouldn't be one of the biggies in the advertising community....such as McDonalds, Burger King, or Sears. They wouldn't waste their time and money on the SyFy Channel. I think the SyFy Channel's reach to potential advertisers (based upon its past as rotten television programmers) would be limited to those lesser known corporations no one has ever heard of such as "Red Wigglers - The Cadillac of Worms"......"Shady Hills Rest Home" (shady much like the SyFy Channel)....and the "Rolling Thunder Bowel Cleanser Tonic."

The SyFy Channel's most profitable program (which isn't saying much) is "WWF Wrestling." The staged and fake free for all where all of the wrestlers are trained by professional stunt coordinators to give the false impression that they are knocking the shit out of each other. This will be the SyFy Channel's strongest card in the deck when they go to this private "Upfront" ceremony of theirs to try and suck advertising dollars from the Wall Street rejects who will be there.

Should I wish the SyFy Channel the best of luck?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Most Egregious New Batch of Television Programs Ever Conceived



People have always had an instinctive sense of what is good and what is just plain bad. They also have an instinctive sense of what a good television program is and what is just plain rotten. Looking over the new batch of television programs the SyFy Channel is planning to air, it can be concluded that SyFy Channel executives lack the instinctive sense of being able to tell what is good television and what is just plain bad.

To say that these television programs are absolute garbage would be an understatement. To also say that it is a monumental waste of money to finance these shows would also be an understatement. 100% of these new shows are cannon fodder for inevitable low ratings. These shows are so mind numbingly stupid and boring in their premises that it's a safe bet every one of them will be cancelled before reaching the half season mark.

I have a theory as to how SyFy Channel executives dream up these rotten television programs of theirs. Someone in the room starts a sentence....and then everyone else in the room takes a turn at adding their own words to the sentence. Such as....

Executive #1: "A man who lost contact with his daughter 12 years ago......"

Executive #2: ".....is suddenly knocked unconscious and taken to Area 51......."

Executive #3: ".....where he is recruited by the 'Men in Black' to hunt down extraterrestrial fugitives on the moon....."

Executive #4: "......where his daughter (by coincidence) is being held........"

Executive #5: "......The man has a female partner with big boobs, a trick leg, and an ugly secret...."

Executive #6: "......She is one of the extraterrestrial fugitives sent to kill the man in order to prevent him from hunting down the last of her kind....."

Executive #7: "....The man's daughter has rare hormones which is why she was kidnapped by the aliens 12 years ago....."

Executive #8: "......Hormones which will give big boobs to all of the female extraterrestrials....."

That's what the premises of a good chunk of these new television series sound like. They just ramble on and on with no end in sight. So obviously, the SyFy Channel executives when going into their meeting room had no ideas for new television series. These new television series of the SyFy Channel have the unmistakable characteristic of spur of the moment.....improv.......premises.

To say that these SyFy Channel executives aren't qualified for the jobs in which they are paid for is an understatement. They are just plain terrible at thinking up new ideas for television series. I have never in my life seen a programming slate so chock full of absolute crap.

Hey....SyFy Channel!! How About Some Professional Courtesy Here!! If You're Going to Rip-Off Someone's Movie....At Least Ask Them First!!

These are the people the SyFy Channel needs to get permission from before they rip-off their "Leprechaun" movie....

Executive Producer.......Mark Amin
Associate Producer.......Barry Barnholtz
Supervising Producer....Jim Begg
Producer......Jeffrey B. Mallian

And of course.....Trimark Pictures

Is there no end to the SyFy Channel's shame.......?

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun (working title) — St Patrick’s Day, Saturday, March 17th, 2012 — An evil leprechaun who has been imprisoned within the roots of a majestic old oak tree, is accidentally set loose on St. Patrick’s Day.  Once free, he takes out his bloody revenge on the descendants of the people who originally imprisoned him.  A production of After Dark Films.


Update: Trimark Pictures merged with LionsGate in 2000. So it is LionsGate that the SyFy Channel needs to get permission from.

You want to know what the SyFy Channel does? They go back 20 or 30 years and look over old movies for story ideas....thinking that no one will remember the movies that they are ripping off. Grow up, SyFy Channel. The world isn't that naive.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

SyFy Channel Unveils Largest Programming Slate Ever....And Will Remain In The Ratings Sewer Because of It



In the above article, we can see once again that the SyFy Channel is suffering from its long mutating ailment of outrageous ambition far exceeding what they can actually accomplish (intellectually) as television programmers. The SyFy Channel needs to start being honest with itself in that since its name change in 2009 to "SyFy".....they haven't accomplished a damn thing for themselves, and viewership is pretty much at the shitty levels they always have been. In no small part due to the fact that the same old, no talent hacks (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern) are still practicing their patented and ever reliable "failure" at the channel.

According to Mark Stern, the SyFy Channel global brand name is "sizzling!!" It's "sizzling" alright!! In his imagination. The SyFy Channel has experienced unprecedented growth and success in the past two years.....in his imagination. The SyFy Channel is a globally recognized and lauded brand name (on the order of Lady GaGa's fame).....in his imagination. The SyFy Channel has successfully branched off into all sorts of different types of business ventures (based upon the SyFy Channel's initial success as a super spectactular, staggeringly successful cable channel)......in his imagination.

If the SyFy Channel ever achieves marginal success some day....it will not be due to such lame ass television programs as the "Blood & Chrome" movie...."Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"......"WWF Wrestling"......and the new lame ass television programs mentioned in the above article.

According to Mark Stern....things have been and are presently "crisp" at the SyFy Channel!! "Sizzling!!" The SyFy Channel is more "alive!!".....than life itself!! Yes!! The SyFy Channel is "crisp"....and "sizzling"....and more alive than life itself......WITH FAILURE!! The SyFy Channel has been "crisp!!".....and "sizzling!!"....because they've been burning their own bacon in the frying pan with stupid ass (and financially unsuccessful) programming ideas for the past two years alone.....just under the banner "SyFy." Let's not even get into how much they sucked as a cable channel when they still called themselves "Sci-Fi Channel." Otherwise known as the "Ronald D. Moore" years or more specifically....NBC-Universal's....."Waterloo."

The new television programs mentioned in the article above are exactly like the old television programs on the SyFy Channel in that they lack inspired thinking and original ideas. That infamous two-edged sword the SyFy Channel keeps impaling itself on.

Thank you very much, but I'll take my viewership some place else as I always have done. I have little patience for a poorly programmed (and managed) commercial broadcast network without a discernable on-air identity.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is It Logical to Infer That The SyFy Channel Approaches Everything With a "B-Movie" Mentality?


Imagine if you will....the likes of Roger Corman....Quentin Tarantino....Eli Roth.....and even the late Ed Wood....all programming for the SyFy Channel at the exact same time. What sorts of television programming would you end up with on the SyFy Channel? Exactly the sorts of television programs you see on the SyFy Channel right now.

We all know what "B-Movies" are....right? Basically...."B-Movies" are schlocky....low quality productions lacking in polished professionalism. "B-Movies" are not up to established norms of acceptability in such areas as scriptwriting....acting.....production values....and of course.....visual effects.

What would happen if a cable channel (SyFy Channel) applied this "B-Movie" mentality to not only its weekly monster movies....but in everything else it does as well? Why....you would end up with "WWF Wrestling"....."Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"....."Warehouse 13"....their version of "Battlestar Galactica" overseen by Ronald D. Moore"......"Ghost Hunters".....etc. You would end up with the first cable channel ever....applying "B-Movie mindsets" to weekly reality shows, weekly hourly dramas, horror movies of the week, and even "Battlestar Galactica." This is precisely how the NBC-Universal owned Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy) has been managed for as long as it has. It doesn't matter what the SyFy Channel tackles in its television programming....whether it be monster movies, mini-series, reality shows, "Battlestar Galactica" or "WWF Wrestling." Everything they do ultimately ends up having that "sleazy.....B-Movie feel to it." Served on a platter to every television viewer at the "SyFy Channel Drive-Thru Window."

You always get the feeling while watching....anything....on the SyFy Channel.....regardless of what it is....that it could have been done alot better by more talented people....and with more money. Thus....that "sleazy....B-Movie feel" you always get from watching anything on the SyFy Channel regardless of what it is.

SyFy Channel would never agree to a definition of themselves such as this....because no matter how untalented they always have been as television programmers, they still prefer to regard themselves as high brow intellectuals......fully and thoroughly intellectually capable of competing with the "greats" in the movie and television industry such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and the late Gene Roddenberry.

In a way, the NBC-Universal owned Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy) has been pulling the most ruthless con job imaginable on what miniscule television viewers they do have. During the entire time that they have been a "B-Movie Commercial Broadcast Network".....they've been trying to con their little television audience into believing (via slick press releases and stealth marketing) that they are in actuality something more. Something intellectual. I'm reminded of the likes of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Donald Trump trying to con America into believing that they are ready for the presidency despite their staggering lack of knowledge in (foreign, domestic, and historical facts.)

Quite frankly, those who make "B-Movies" and nothing more aren't capable of making more because they lack the intellectual prowess to do so. The present group of management people who run the SyFy Channel haven't done more with the SyFy Channel because they aren't intellectually capable of doing more.

Has Edward James Olmos Gone Back To Acting School Since His Frowning Excursions With Ronald D. Moore?


It's an undeniable fact. Edward James Olmos doesn't act....he frowns. I've touched on this issue many times in the past, but the issue is always worth revisiting because Edward James Olmos has always been one of those individuals masquerading as an actor who has to be seen to be believed....with the reaction always being....absolute incredulity.

Ronald D. Moore's infamous sham of "Battlestar Galactica" known as "GINO" (Galactica in Name Only) was a low budget production that cut corners in more ways than one. I've already covered such embarrassing and unfortunate aspects of that production as the business suit wardrobe, obvious location shooting in Vancouver, contemporary automobiles and apartment units....all supposedly taking place on worlds thousands of light years from Earth.

Another area (never really touched upon) where Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" cut corners was in the acting department. I'm going to be polite here in jury-rigging terminology to describe the acting style blatantly evident in "GINO"....specifically demonstrated by Edward James Olmos and (ugh!!) Mary McDonnell. It was "Short Hand Acting." Gutting all of the meat and subtle nuances minimally required to build credible characters. What were we left with in "GINO?" Frowning cartoon characters as incarnated by Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. It's a lazy style of acting by actors whose hearts really were not into what they were doing (Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell)...and who just showed up for the paychecks. To be fair, we've seen shitty acting in other actors as well. Lee Majors in the final two seasons of the "Six Million Dollar Man"....and "William Shatner" in anything he does.

And Edward James Olmos won acclaim for his acting in "GINO?" From whom? The stealth marketing mechanism at NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel?

Edward James Olmos is now returning to television for a series of guest appearances on HBO. Does HBO know what they're getting with Edward James Olmos? Olmos may have been a good actor at some point in his career....but at some point in his career....he adopted this....."I really don't give a shit about this acting job so I'm just going to frown my way through it".....attitude of his. What is an undeniable fact....is that when Edward James Olmos chooses to be a shitty actor.....(as he was in Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" series).....no one does it better than he does. Edward James Olmos can even "Out-Shit" Lee Majors and William Shatner in the shitty acting department if he so chooses.

The problem is...how is a potential employer (such as HBO) supposed to know in advance what "mood" Edward James Olmos is going to be in if they hire him for an acting job? Is Edward James Olmos going to be in "Shitty Acting Mode" if he's hired for a new project....or is he actually going to do the job he was hired for? This is the dilemma presently facing HBO (and they don't even know it.) They hired him for a series of guest appearance on "Dexter." Is HBO going to learn the hard way (while the cameras are rolling) that Edward James Olmos chose to be in......"Shitty Acting Mode?"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did The SyFy Channel "Wow" Potential Advertisers at The "2011 Fall TV Upfronts?"


I suppose it's the same thing as asking....."Did Charles Manson 'wow' The Parole Board at one of his infrequently scheduled parole hearings...?"

The SyFy Channel isn't as hip and as on the ball as its peers (when it comes to television programming) in the commercial network and cable television professions. In the midst of an upcoming television season showcasing the return of Tim Allen to television, Tom Selleck figuring prominently, Charlie Sheen being replaced on "Two and a Half Men" by Ashton Kutcher, and Ronald D. Moore's chance in Prime Time being mercifully gutted by NBC-TV....I don't think the SyFy Channel has any excitement to offer any advertisers during the 2011-2012 television season....regardless of whether or not they start their season in the fall or the spring. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there wasn't even a table setting for the SyFy Channel at the "2011 Fall TV Upfronts."

Seriously....What does the SyFy Channel have to offer potential advertisers for the 2011-2012 television season?

1. The "Blood & Chrome" pilot movie which will be based on two financially unsuccessful television series ("GINO", "Caprica.")

2. More of the boring,  same old......"WWF Wrestling."

3. More of the boring, same old....."Marcel's Quantum Kitchen."

4. More of the boring, same old...."Warehouse 13."

5. More of the boring, same old...."Saturday Night Monster Trash Movies."

With a schedule that boring and lame....SyFy Channel shouldn't even have shown its boring, corporate face at the "2011 Fall TV Upfronts" (if they did.)

If you were a potential advertiser.....would a schedule like that get you excited about purchasing commercial time on the SyFy Channel? It would be a "no-brainer" to tell the SyFy Channel....."I wouldn't touch your schedule with my advertising dollars...with a ten foot cattle prod." As a potential advertiser, I would immediately vacate the physical space of the SyFy Channel at the "2011 Fall TV Upfronts"....and flock to TNT....Animal Planet.....and even Cartoon Network instead.

In the grand of scheme of things....in this infinite universe of ours.....for whatever reason.....the SyFy Channel has quite simply.....never learned how to make money.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ronald D. Moore And SyFy Channel Failed to Create a Television Empire Together, But They Did Get On Everyone's Nerves While Setting The Quality of Televised Science Fiction Back a Good 50 Years


I have yet to come across anyone who has acknowledged the partnership of Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel as being a good thing for televised science fiction as a whole, or a good thing for the "Battlestar Galactica" property. What people have said however....and repeatedly....that not only did Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel wreck "Battlestar Galactica"...but they also set the production quality of televised science fiction back a good 50 years. And they simultaneously failed to create a television empire for themselves in the process.

In the 1950s and the early 1960s, you had these low budget science fiction television programs consisting of a wardrobe borrowed from the movie "Forbidden Planet." You had cast members with all of the acting chops of high school freshmen. You had stock footage special effects shots borrowed from other movies. These low budget television series were nothing more than one or two room (sets) melodramas with outdoor footage once again....borrowed from other movies.

What have Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel offered the viewing public together in their series ("GINO", "Caprica", and inevitably "Blood & Chrome?") A contemporary wardrobe borrowed from any department store. (Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel couldn't even afford to purchase (wholesale)...the wardrobe from a contemporary science fiction movie.) Cast members with all of the acting chops of high school freshmen (Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber), and green screen sets instead of physical ones. Yes, the special effects have been good but one virtue does not grant Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel a pardon.

It comes as no surprise then in the midst of this entire embarrassing mess....that Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel failed to build a television empire together. No newly founded production company between the two of them, no discernable record of professional growth during the almost decade they were together, no successful branching off into other types of shows. "The SyFy Channel - Ronald D. Moore partnership" (from day one)...has been a laboratory example of arrested success. To be quite blunt, only the truly talented people in the movie or television industry can build television empires.....branch off into other areas....and grow their success one inspired idea at a time.

The quality of televised science fiction really began to evolve beginning with "Lost in Space" in 1965, and continuing with  "Star Trek" and "Time Tunnel" in 1966, "Land of the Giants" in 1968, "Space: 1999" in 1975, and the rebooted "Star Trek - The Next Generation" in 1987. All of the subsequent "Star Trek" series in the 1990s and early 2000s reached the peak of art direction, production design, wardrobe, and visual effects. Science Fiction on television never looked so convincing. Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel took all of that progress made in the visual depiction of science fiction on television...and set it back a good 50 years. And it only took them eight years to do it. Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel wiped out all of that progress made by Irwin Allen, Gene Roddenberry, Gerry Anderson, and Rick Berman. They wiped it all out partially due to laziness in art direction and production design....and partially due to lacking imagination and inspired thinking.

Thank God we will always have the DVD reruns of these classic, fabulous shows....in order to allow us the escape route from anything Ronald D. Moore and SyFy Channel have done together.

Comcast Would Make More Money If They Gutted The SyFy Channel's Ambiguity, And Gave It a Specific Identity


The SyFy Channel (Sci-Fi) has been a "John Doe Piece of Shit" during the entire miserable tenure of NBC-Universal's ownership of the troubled cable channel. Don't be fooled by any claims of "expanding the brand name"....or "increasing profits by getting away from hard science fiction"....as endlessly spewed forth by Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, or Mark Stern. If there were financial bonanzas to be had from the sort of ambiguity endlessly embraced by Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern....the SyFy Channel would have experienced such financial good fortune long before now.

The fact is, a cable channel is not going to make any money if it doesn't have a discernable on-air identity. The SyFy Channel's "John Doe Amnesia" in regards to getting away from its intended identity of being...."The Sci-Fi Channel with honest to God science fiction television programming".....certainly has not set Wall Street on fire. This flawed business theory of Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern has rendered the SyFy Channel an "Impotent little commercial broadcast network" with no more money making power than your average....local.....PBS affiliate. And quite frankly....it would take a hell of alot more than on-air charity drives to keep the SyFy Channel going in its present state as a "Business Theory Model of Corporate Incomptence."

Comcast can do much to make the SyFy Channel a money making subsidiary on the order of CNN or MSNBC. For starters....they can mandate the SyFy Channel to embrace what the hell it is supposed to be. That would mean changing its name back to "Sci-Fi Channel"....getting rid of those executives who have erroneously and repeatedly stereotyped science fiction television programming as..."nerdish" (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern).....extend an open door policy to known science fiction television producers to come in and pitch original ideas (Kenneth Johnson, J. Michael Straczynski, Joss Whedon), and cancel all of the present...non-science fiction crap on the SyFy Channel including "WWF Wrestling", "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen", and those piece of shit monster movies every weekend.

The main thing Comcast needs to do however, is perform corporate surgery on the "SyFy Channel" to such an extent....that the cable channel will have a fucking....discernable.....on-air identity. Once it does that at the very least...maybe the SyFy Channel's original programming will cease getting clobbered in the ratings by "Cartoon Network" reruns.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maybe The Same NBC-TV Executives Who Cancelled "17th Precinct" Need to Cancel The "Blood & Chrome" Pilot As Well


They tend to not cancel Ronald D. Moore's junk over at the SyFy Channel. At least not right away. SyFy Channel likes to let his junk rot in the sun like moldy fruit (for a season or two) before they finally get around to pulling the plug. Here's a great idea!!

How about if the same NBC-TV executives who cancelled "17th Precinct" take a little shuttle bus ride on over to the SyFy Channel in order to cancel the "Blood & Chrome" pilot?

We all know it's coming....don't we? Adhering to the moldy fruit metaphor....We all know damn well that "Blood & Chrome" isn't going to be a mere movie of the week on the SyFy Channel. Not if it involves Ronald D. Moore in some way. No Sir!! That movie of the week is going to be a pilot for an inevitable order of 13 episodes....and all 13 episodes will rot in the sun like moldy fruit due to low ratings. And those 13 episodes are going to....rot....and....rot.....and......rot.....and......rot.....on the SyFy Channel's schedule due to low ratings. And then the SyFy Channel will eventually get around to inexplicably rubber stamping "Blood & Chrome" for a second season. And then midway through the second season.....SyFy Channel will wake up and say to themselves....."We've got a turkey on our hands here....We better stop playing games and cancel this thing before it brings down the entire network!!"

Of course....this entire nightmarish scenario can be avoided if the same NBC-TV executives who cancelled "17th Precinct"....cancel "Blood & Chrome" as well. It just stands to reason...that if the Comcast corporation didn't have any faith in Ronald D. Moore's "17th Precinct".....then they shouldn't have any faith in "Blood & Chrome" either.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Things Ronald D. Moore And Sci-Fi Channel Failed To Accomplish Together


1. Did not turn the "Battlestar Galactica" brand name into a money making franchise.

2. Did not improve upon "Battlestar Galactica" in any way. If anything, they made things worse.

3. Did not reinvent televised Science Fiction.

4. Did not successfully re-boot "Battlestar Galactica" for a would be new generation of fans.

5. Did not turn "Ronald D. Moore" into a household name ala' George Lucas or Steven Spielberg.

6. Did not make Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff...etc....famous. They are still relative unknowns.

7. Did not make worthy contributions ("GINO", "Caprica", "Blood & Chrome") to the proud legacy of televised Science Fiction.

8. Did not make the Sci-Fi Channel rich.

9. Did not start a new trend in televised Science Fiction....(dark & gritty.)

10. Did not succeed in coercing the television audience into accepting....."dark & gritty."

11. Did not contribute anything noteworthy to televised Science Fiction.

12. Did not succeed in conning the television audience via stealth marketing into accepting anything produced and written by Ronald D. Moore.

13. Did not succeed in trying to pass off the amateurish producing and scriptwriting (of Ronald D. Moore) as a legitimate television viewing experience.

14. Did not succeed in making the Sci-Fi Channel wildly (financially) successful post-Ronald D. Moore and his projects.

15. Did not enhance the resumes of Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, Mark Stern, and Ronald D. Moore in any way.

16. Did not give the Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy) a singular....discernable on-air identity.

17. Did not rescue the SyFy Channel from its present predicament of being an ambiguous...commercial broadcast network.

18. Did not turn the SyFy Channel into a mecca of sound, business judgment.

19. Did not turn the SyFy Channel into something better than it unfortunately has always been.

20. Did not turn the SyFy Channel into appointment viewing either on a small scale or large scale.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Fortunate That The "Blue Collar Teamsters" in Vancouver, British Columbia Always Have The SyFy Channel to Support Them


Yes....the SyFy Channel makes utter crap and garbage (anything produced by Ronald D. Moore)....as well as their crappy ass monster movies every week....but they're stimulating the local economy in Vancouver, British Columbia while doing so!! I'll wager an entire blue collar community has sprung up in Vancouver, British Columbia devoted exclusively to making the SyFy Channel's usual crap. These are people who work hard, party hard, and have turned the local taverns into gold mines. I'm sure these blue collar people have their personal opinions as to how crappy the SyFy Channel's programming is...but they don't care!!....and why should they? Because regardless of how crappy the SyFy Channel's programming always is, these people continue to get paid.....and can support their families and get drunk on the weekends with what's left over because of it.

In some inadvertent....deranged way...the SyFy Channel has been doing charity work for the local economy in Vancouver. Oh sure...other productions from other production companies do business there....but surely not as frequently as the SyFy Channel. One shot movies come to Vancouver....film there....and then go home. But the SyFy Channel!! Wow!! One crappy ass television series after another from them gets filmed in Vancouver....their "set in stone"....crappy ass monster movies get filmed there. The SyFy Channel's ever perpetuating appetite for crap television programming has no doubt stimulated the local economy in Vancouver in such a way....that the "blue collar locals" have probably never had it so good!!

So.....in giving credit where credit is due.....I'm going to give the SyFy Channel the only compliment I will ever give them....

Thank you SyFy Channel!! Your inadvertent charity work in Vancouver, British Columbia....for the benefit of the local "Blue Collar Teamsters" (and their families)......was and forever shall be....highly commendable!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey!!...SyFy Channel!!.....How's That "Touchy...Feely" Self Consolation Going For Ya' Everytime You Cancel a Science Fiction Television Series?



SyFy Channel never blames themselves when they cancel a science fiction television series. Oh no!! Of course not!! Every deranged "fuck up" that has plagued this screwy network ever since it was owned by NBC-Universal has been but the product of chance and methodical business decision making. And the "fuck-ups" themselves (as the SyFy Channel would love for us to believe) really aren't fuck ups at all. This guy in the Gateworld interview sounds just like Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern in that he attempts to wax over the true eccentricities of the SyFy Channel by claiming....(in true Republican tradition).....that there really is a normal mode of operation and a sound business model rooted in rational thought....in everything the SyFy Channel does. And the routine "fuck ups" of the channel are mere misconceptions.

 It's news to me that the SyFy Channel suddenly loves science fiction television programming. Yes...they love it so much that they have stuffed their corporate "A-Holes" with the likes of "WWF Wrestling"....."Marcel's Quantum Kitchen".....and unconvincing CGI rendered monster movies every Saturday night. They love it so much that they felt it necessary to end the "Stargate" franchise on television.....because as we all know with the SyFy Channel.....they love to end science fiction franchises on television that could easily go for another decade on the air ("Farscape")......for no reason at all.

The cancellation of "Stargate" is in actuality....yet another example of the SyFy Channel continuing to clean house and purge this general broadcast / cable network of the very science fiction programming they claim to love so much in order to further mutate the SyFy Channel into the......"Ronald D. Moore / WWF / Cooking Network." Let's get to the real meat of the matter as to what the SyFy Channel's real position is on science fiction television programming. They're reaching the point where the only way they will finance it and broadcast it....is if Ronald D. Moore supplies it to them. Let me re-phrase that. The only way they will finance it and broadcast it...is if Ronald D. Moore supplies to them what they believe to be is....science fiction television programming. Which in the "SyFy Channel Vernacular" means....an outer space soap opera set on various "Class M" (Earth like planets) from "Star Trek"......as we've seen in "GINO"....."Caprica"....and will see in "Blood & Chrome."

The SyFy Channel didn't need to cancel "Stargate" because anything left over from the "Sci-Fi Channel" has never needed to be purged. What needs to be purged is the SyFy Channel's present management.

Has The SyFy Channel Dusted Off Its Stealth Marketing Playbook Yet For "Blood & Chrome?"



1. Hand pick all of the television critics in advance who will be allowed to review the "Blood & Chrome" pilot. Each critic to be personally screened by Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern well in advance. Check.

2. Give each one of these hand picked television critics a copy of the stealth marketing script to be followed to the letter while they are writing up their sham (favorable) reviews of the "Blood & Chrome" pilot. Check.

3. If "Blood & Chrome" goes to a 13 episode first season, keep all of these hand picked television critics on hand to favorably review all 13 episodes. Check.

4. Get the stealth marketing firm "Abraham & Harrison" on the phone so they can begin re-populating such Internet bulletin boards as http://forums.syfy.com in order to resume verbally attacking anyone in the general public domain who dares to criticize the "Blood & Chrome" production. Check.

5. Get all of the "sham awards" lined up and firmly in place so that "Blood & Chrome" can immediately begin receiving all of the stealth marketing praise it so richly does not deserve. Check.

6. Get all of the SyFy Channel sham press releases (complete with rigged ratings data routinely overstating "Blood & Chrome's performance in the ratings) firmly in place for instantaneous release across the entire Internet. Check.

7. Immediately begin getting Ronald D. Moore fitted for "royalty robes" and a crown so he can begin making his public appearances as "Pope Ron Moore I" in order to help promote the "Blood & Chrome" pilot. Check.

8. Immediately begin prepping Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern with their "We didn't know we were this wonderful and brilliant....we were just doing our jobs" speeches when they are interviewed  by the press for "Blood & Chrome." Check.

9. Bribe "Entertainment Weekly" with a huge fee so that Ronald D. Moore and the "Blood & Chrome" cast can get that cover photo on the next issue of "Entertainment Weekly!!" Check.

10. Remind Russell Sanders and Jim Bennett of their usual stealth marketing duties associated with this production. Check.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Message To Comcast....Could You Make The SyFy Channel Less Boring...Less Predictably Corporate Minded....And Less Predictably Low Budget?


Hey Comcast!!

You really inherited a sewer dweller of a cable network, didn't you? I suppose the SyFy Channel serves some deranged purpose in life. Perhaps the SyFy Channel is for those people who were out drinking heavily the night before....have a really bad hangover the next day......are in a God awful mood because of it.....and are in the mood to watch some badly produced and badly written donkey dung from the likes of Ronald D. Moore and that infamous crackerjack team of horror movie makers littering the SyFy Channel schedule every Saturday night with the likes of "Sharktopus" and "Frankenfish."

There is absolutely no reason why you (Comcast).... can't improve the SyFy Channel in some way. It can certainly be a hell of alot better than it is now. I mean, when a cable channel has been in the depths of an imagination deficiency and inspiration famine for as long as the SyFy Channel has...it can only get better if the SyFy Channel can't sink any lower into the depths of overall sucktitude.

The idiots who have been running the SyFy Channel for as long as they have (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern) believe that the only state the SyFy Channel can exist in is one of overall wretchedness. They believe that the SyFy Channel simply cannot be good, and a channel worth seeking out by television viewers. This of course, led to them setting the bar so low for any robust profit making potential at the SyFy Channel...that lethargic contentment set in for profits being as low as they are and have been. I think it's safe to say that any economist or mathematician would conclude that profits at the SyFy Channel could certainly be a hell of alot higher than they have always been under the...."cough"......professional management of Bonnie Hammer....David Howe.....and Mark Stern.

Revamp the SyFy Channel....Comcast. You owe it to yourselves. You owe it to yourselves to whip that channel into a real profit making subsidiary with infinitely higher goals than the ones Bonnie Hammer....David Howe....and Mark Stern have set for it in the past.....and gave up on those goals a short time later. The SyFy Channel in its present state has been a "floating log of poop in toilet water" for far too long. Isn't it time to flush the toilet....Comcast?

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Fantasy / Mythology of Stealth Marketing Continues to Collide With The Reality of Ronald D. Moore...The Flawed And Boring Television Producer


I suppose Ronald D. Moore's agent....or Ronald D. Moore himself would refer to it as....."A Career Enhancement." Instead of using stealth marketing to promote a show via spewing untrue claims of brilliance and grandeur about the show, Ronald D. Moore has been using the practice instead to try and enhance his career (like psychological steroids.) We've all seen and read them....haven't we? Every Internet fluffy piece (news story) about Ronald D. Moore (and what he is up to) always manages to throw in one of those.....untrue stealth marketing zingers about Ronald D. Moore. Such as....

I. "God's gift to televised science fiction Ronald D. Moore"......has just inked a deal with CBS-TV to develop a re-boot of the 1960s television series "Wild, Wild West."

II. "Battlestar Guru Stud God Ronald D. Moore".....has just signed with Sony to develop new television projects for them.

III. "Men want to be like him and all women want him Ronald D. Moore".......is putting the finishing touches on inking a deal with SyFy Channel to produce a sequel series to "Caprica" titled "Blood & Chrome."

IV. "The likely successor to the Lord thy God when God retires Ronald D. Moore".....is presently putting the finishing touches on developing a top secret theatrical project with Tom Cruise.

V. "The pinnacle of human evolutionary development if you eat all of your fruits and vegetables Ronald D. Moore".....has just been informed that his "17th Precinct" television series will not be picked up by NBC-TV for the fall of 2011. No comment from Sire Ronald D. Moore presently on sabbatical on.....Mount Olympus.

VI. "Harlan Ellison's new idol Ronald D. Moore"......has multiple new television productions presently in development at Sony.

VII. "The New Global Ambassador to the United Nations Ronald D. Moore".....explains that he had an entire second season of "Caprica" mapped out before the unfortunate cancellation order came down on that series from the SyFy Channel.

VIII. "United Federation of Planets President Ronald D. Moore".....recently told the "Hollywood Reporter" that he is growing tired of dabbling in televised science fiction....and would much prefer to make a little television series (with no dialogue) about a dog and a gopher set on a golf course.

IX. "Kryptonian citizen Ronald D. Moore"......is still hopeful that his "Thing" remake script ultimately won't be rewritten and will be filmed verbatim.

X. "Covert homosexuals would gladly come out of the closet for him Ronald D. Moore".....is hoping to do another project with all of his former "Battlestar" cast members sometime soon.

Would you want to be Ronald D. Moore's agent if he needed all of this round the clock stealth marketing (to artificicially and temporarily boost his career) for close to a decade now?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Will Smith and Barry Sonnenfeld Couldn't Make a Go of "The Wild, Wild West"...But Ronald D. Moore Can??


I've heard of wishful thinking....but this is ridiculous!!

It was the summer of 1999. Will Smith and Barry Sonnenfeld (and Tomme Lee Jones) were hot off of their success from "Men in Black" from a couple years earlier. For their next project, Smith and Sonnenfeld decided to tackle a big budget remake of "The Wild, Wild West." Though Smith and Sonnenfeld are extremely talented men....they just couldn't make a go of "The Wild, Wild West." Whether it be the script or the casting, the 1999 remake of "West" just didn't catch on with audiences. I for one believe that part of the problem was that the movie took itself way too seriously regardless of the infrequent humorous moments. Though Will Smith made a great James West, he just didn't have any chemistry with his co-star, Kevin Kline.

Will Smith and Barry Sonnenfeld are a couple of the brightest and top talents working in Hollywood today, and if they couldn't make the "Wild, Wild West" work, neither will Ronald D. Moore and CBS-TV. Here's a wild notion. The "Wild, Wild West" doesn't need to be remade at all. Robert Conrad and Ross Martin were so brilliant in their roles (to the extent that both of them were born to play West and Gordon), that no one cast in those roles today would ever be able to measure up. It isn't just that. "Wild, Wild West" was made during an era in television when imagination and inspired thinking was exploding all over the television screen. It's unanimously agreed upon by media historians that the 1960s was the most creative and inspired decade in television programming. From "Star Trek"....to....."Batman".....to "The Time Tunnel.....to....."Wild, Wild West." The western was also at the top of its game. Creative environments such as this bring out the best in people inspirationally and creatively, and it also causes the best people to come along to produce television series. "Wild, Wild West" creator Michael Garrison was no exception. He came up with a brilliant idea and pitched it to CBS-TV as...."James Bond on Horseback." He inadverdently created a unique genre with his idea. The Science Fiction Western. The "Wild, Wild West" was (and is) a damn good television series both because of the brilliance of Michael Garrison, and the era in which it was made.

Part of the problem with Ronald D. Moore's career has been that he keeps being handed these "big ticket remake concepts".....and he just isn't up to the task to successfully pull them off because he lacks imagination and inspired thinking. And quite frankly, Ronald D. Moore just isn't brilliant. There is no way that Ronald D. Moore could ever pull off a successful remake of this wildly imaginative and brilliant television series on two counts: (1) Ronald D. Moore just can't compete with the brilliant series itself and (2)...Ronald D. Moore just can't compete with the era in which the series was made. As a viewer, you literally did not know what was going to happen next in these episodes because they were so well written. The producers and writers quite frankly took you on a fantastic journey in every episode. A Ronald D. Moore "Wild, Wild West" would contain all of his bad habits as a scriptwriter, and be stuffed with mundane, present day scriptwriting conventions. In other words....a Ronald D. Moore "Wild Wild West" would not delight you or pleasantly surprise you in the slightest. His only lifeline would be to rewrite all of the original episodes from the 1960s and make them worse.

Ronald D. Moore's other road block is...two men infinitely more talented than he is (Will Smith and Barry Sonnenfeld) tried to remake "The Wild, Wild West".....and failed.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ronald D. Moore is a Staff Writer In His Soul...Not a Wildly Talented Television Producer


Quite frankly, Ronald D. Moore needs a career counselor...and he / she needs to be blunt with him. He is never going to be the next George Lucas or Steven Spielberg...he is never going to be the definitive breakout producing / writing star of commercial or cable television....he is never going to reinvent televised science fiction, and he will never....ever....improve upon the only true "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series. No amount of staged...fake awards from Harlan Ellison, dubious discussions at the United Nations attempting to elevate his style of scriptwriting into something it plainly isn't, or guerrilla style stealth marketing from SyFy Channel will ever change these blunt truths.

Ronald D Moore is....quite frankly....a marginal scriptwriter with dubious...neophyte experience in executive producing projects all by his little lonesome. Ronald D. Moore is a staff writer in his soul...which is why he ended up as one when working on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." When he was inexplicably promoted to producing duties on that show and "Deep Space Nine"....thank God he had higher ranking producers (working with him) to absorb the blast and cushion the blows of whatever suggestions he may have put forth. An individual with greater talents would have graduated long before now beyond the necessity of repeatedly needing old guard buddies at SyFy Channel and NBC-TV to take him by the hand and attempt to build a career for him. As of now....eight years and counting.

Ronald D. Moore's latest rejected project by NBC-TV ("17th Precinct") exhibited all of the common symptoms of unoriginality and boredom found in his other consecutive rejected projects ("Virtuality", "The Thing" remake, the Tom Cruise project....etc.) Ronald D. Moore comes up with ideas for projects that quite frankly grade school children could come up with on their own...."Harry Potter set in a police precinct." The next rungs of the high wire rope ladder Ronald D. Moore (no doubt) will be grasping for is his "Blood & Chrome" project which we all know he will eventually get involved with again because as of now....he doesn't have a developing project at Sony to sell to anybody. Mark my words. Ronald D. Moore will be heading back home to SyFy Channel and the "Blood & Chrome" project very....very....soon. Because as Richard Gere once yelled to Louis Gossett Jr. in "An Officer and a Gentlemen"..........."I have nowhere else to go!!"

The best career advice Ronald D. Moore could receive? Get involved with a staff writer's circle again (somewhere) and blend in. Don't assert any individuality because that tends to get him into trouble.

As for Ronald D. Moore's dreaded...supposed involvement....in a "Wild, Wild West" remake....I'll stick with the only true "Wild, Wild West" series starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mourning The Loss of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

Yes...television viewers never really had her in the first place to enjoy week to week as Wonder Woman, but what is evident in this only known photo of her as the amazonian princess, is that Adrianne Palicki would have been perfect for the role. Exuding beauty and kick ass toughness at the same time, Palicki would have very easily carried on the proud tradition established by Lynda Carter.

This is one project definitely worth a second look by the other broadcast networks after NBC-TV unfortunately took a pass. There were no problems that couldn't have been fixed with this project. The pilot script could have been re-written, the role of Diana Prince in 21st Century America could have been re-evaluated. I for one would have loved to see this Wonder Woman take on the corrupted U.S. Government in the present day....from illegal oil speculating....to illegal lobbying....to terrorism....to torture....you name it.
As for any supposed issues with her costume...the one displayed above is perfect.

My hopes go out to Adrianne Palicki and the cast and crew of Wonder Woman that they might get picked up by another network (even Lifetime?) in order to get at least a 13 episode season in. At the very least, the rejected pilot episode needs to be released on DVD ASAP.

What Do I Consider Bowel Relief? The Cancellation of "17th Precinct"


In a merciful act of humanity we can directly thank the newly owned NBC-TV (by Comcast) for...and indirectly thank the creators of "Grimm" for....Ronald D. Moore's "17th Precinct" has not been picked up by NBC-TV. This will hopefully be the first in a series of steps by Comcast to gut the last remnants of any relationship going on between Ronald D. Moore and the old guard (pre-Comcast) at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel....where Ronald D. Moore was allowed to run free regardless of how bad (and low rated) his television programming really was.

It was getting a bit monotonous....wasn't it? I mean...no matter how badly Ronald D. Moore failed previously with one of his television series...there he was popping up yet again with another television series for either SyFy Channel or NBC-TV. Was it the first example of nepotism without biological family relations thrown into the mix? I certainly think so.

Ronald D. Moore was at this chronic low rated schtick of his for so long....his low rated television series were beginning to take on his boring and unspectacular personality....as incarnated by such non-actors as Jamie Bamber and Tricia Helfer. That's why they followed him from show to show. What would have happened if NBC-TV had allowed Ronald D. Moore to continue on this path of his? He would have started doing a traveling road show on the order of "Laugh-In" or the "Charlie Sheen Road Show" with all of his former "GINO" cast members in tow. I would like to congratulate and praise the newly owned NBC-TV for nipping it in the bud. This guy needs to go back to doing whatever it he was doing prior to hooking up with the Sci-Fi Channel in 2003. The gig is up. The gig was actually up eight years ago....but Ronald D. Moore and Sci-Fi Channel wouldn't take the hint.

As Ferris Bueller says at the end of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"....."The movie is over.....go home!!"

It's All Bad News At NBC-TV...And NBC-TV Executives Are Gay



First, the Gay part.....

NBC-TV executives have rejected the pilot episode of "Wonder Woman" and have declined to pick up the series for the fall of 2011. What other explanation could there be for NBC-TV executives not greenlighting "Wonder Woman" for the fall?

Second...more bad news for Ronald D. Moore...

It looks like it's more set in stone than ever before that NBC has rejected his "17th Precinct" series. Apparently "17th Precinct" turned out to be too weird for NBC-TV. Really? I thought it was a match made in heaven from day one. NBC-TV and Ronald D. Moore that is.

Join The SyFy Channel Fan Club? Why?



Let's analyze all of the goodies you get with a membership in the SyFy Channel fan club.

A custom designed Syfy messenger bag
Do they really expect someone to go out into public carrying a tote bag with the SyFy Channel logo on it? Not a good way to make friends, is it?

A collectible button set featuring your favorite Syfy shows.
Favorite shows? On the SyFy Channel? Oh..they must mean "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen", "WWF Wrestling", and the late night infomercials.

Custom designed Syfy Key Chain
I'm still looking for the creature comforts the $39.95 membership fee pays for.

Personalized Syfy ID card
Does it get you into a "Power Lunch" with Bonnie Hammer and Katee Sackhoff?

Personalized Membership Certificate
Is this a reward for watching bad television on cable?

Welcome letter from Syfy President Dave Howe.
Well, here you go. The gold bullion of the entire membership package. A xeroxed copy letter with the pre-printed signature of David Howe. One of the idiots responsible for decimating the SyFy Channel of the 1990s and turning it into a mainstream commercial broadcast network with "identity issues."

But the merchandise is only the beginning. You’ll also punch your ticket to a world of exclusive Syfy content:

Members-only chats with Syfy talent, writers, directors, executives and industry insiders.
I have never known "SyFy Channel" and "talent" to go together. It's an oxymoron to say the least.

A news section with the latest Syfy announcements.
"Blood & Chrome" cancelled? Bonnie Hammer / David Howe / Mark Stern fired? I can't wait!! 

Sneak peek videos
Even if it involved Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer in the shower together, I still wouldn't be interested.

A photo gallery featuring behind the scenes shots and more
Enjoy the existence of "Blood & Chrome" while you can.

Discounts for Syfy Fan Club members, including 15% off at the Syfy store, 10% off at the NBC store and discounts from leading retailers!
I'll wait for Comcast to gut both stores and bring in better merchandies.

The opportunity to win autographed scripts, props, and access to Special Events

All this for only $39.99 Annual Membership fee.
It would still be a rip-off at $5.95.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

SyFy Channel Couldn't Beat "Star Trek"....So It Might As Well Join It



Lordy...Lordy....Look at that schedule!! Filled to the brim with "Star Trek: The Next Generation" reruns!! It would be premature to say that this ends the SyFy Channel's inexplicable love affair with Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica in Name Only" reruns....but it would be appropriate to say that after close to a decade of trying to come up with a "Star Trek-esque" franchise (Ronald D. Moore's "GINO") in order to try and compete with the "Star Trek" juggernaut.. (and failing miserably while trying to do so)......SyFy Channel has finally thrown in the towel and is broadcasting "Star Trek" itself instead. How they got the rerun rights from Paramount is anyone's guess.

Maybe the next time around (if Comcast doesn't gut the SyFy Channel long before then)....SyFy Channel will have learned that it takes more than one guy (Ronald D. Moore....with a singular...flawed...and arrogant vision)) to come up with a well thought out competitor to Paramount Pictures "Star Trek" franchise. It takes scores of producers and writers working well together and on the same page together....with their hearts always in the right place. This is why "Star Trek" turned into the franchise juggernaut it is today. You initially had Gene Roddenberry giving Harve Bennett his blessings and approval to reboot the theatrical franchise in the early 1980s. This was followed by Gene Roddenberry hiring Rick Berman to help him mount "Star Trek: The Next Generation." This led to great people such as Michael Pillar...Rene Encheverra....and Brannon Braga (all on the same page together with a common love of "Star Trek") coming together harmoniously and building on the franchise with multiple sequel series. It took a good dozen people in the "above the line" ranks (being on the same page) initially overseen by Gene Roddenberry before his unfortunate passing...to turn "Star Trek" into the media giant it is today.

Is it any wonder then...why almost a decade later....SyFy Channel still doesn't have a "Battlestar Galactica" franchise (media juggernaut)....to compete with Paramount Pictures "Star Trek" franchise? And why SyFy Channel has been reduced to showing "Star Trek" reruns instead? In this case.....One man with the flawed vision (Ronald D. Moore)....was 11 people short....and the wrong man to turn to.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When Is Someone Going To Finally Tell Ronald D. Moore That He Has No Talent?


You would think by now...someone would have told Ronald D. Moore the blunt truth about his solo excursions into producing and scriptwriting. The fact that he has absolutely no talent whatsoever in either area. Ronald D. Moore is long past the point of needing "tough love" from his agent....his family.....or his spouse. These people should have told him (long...long....long before now) that he needs to go back to school in order to be taught what good drama is....what legitimate drama is.....what constitutes commercially accessible and attractive characters for the mass market television audience....what range of acting skills potential cast members need to have long before they are even hired....and what constitutes good scriptwriting for the mass market television audience. In short...Ronald D. Moore needs to be taught his present profession from the ground up....before he cranks out anymore crap on the order of "GINO"..."Caprica"...."Blood & Chrome"....and "17th Precinct."

It really says something (all bad) that Ronald D. Moore's "buddies" at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel have been the only customers of Ronald D. Moore's...."Remedially Academic Forays into Emulating" legitimate producers and scriptwriters....after almost 10 years. Where are Ronald D. Moore's other customers? You know...right? The sorts of legitimate customers Ronald D. Moore is really supposed to have spanning the entire industry regardless of  whether or not they are his friends or not? The sort of a customer base Ronald D. Moore really should have by now after being out on his own for almost a decade...and producing product for almost a decade? Why aren't customers (other than Ronald D. Moore's usual "buddies" at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel) forming a single file line at Sony just waiting to purchase his next project?

Sometimes the unspoken word is telling....and what the overall television industry hasn't told Ronald D. Moore (but they really are thinking it)....is that he is a "fluffy lightweight" in the producing and scriptwriting arena....his skills in both areas are dubious at best.....and his services will not be needed by 99% of the television industry. But!! If Ronald D. Moore goes back to school and learns how to be a better and legitimate producer and scriptwriter....his services just might be needed after that. The television industry overall can only go by what they have seen Ronald D. Moore produce and write....and they aren't impressed.

How could anyone not have told Ronald D. Moore...that the endless frowning and mumbling of Edward James Olmos was not good drama....is not good scriptwriting...and is not good acting? Ditto for Mary McDonnell. Those who surround Ronald D. Moore are just as guilty as he is for making crap television...because those who surround Ronald D. Moore have never had the gonads the size of church bells to tell him that his lack of knowledge regarding what good drama is...is staggering. That he is quite frankly....a no talent hack. Negative drama is infinitely easier to make than positive drama. Guess which direction Ronald D. Moore always goes in every single time? You don't need to be as talented as those producers who are in order to do what Ronald D. Moore always does. It's child's play to create negative drama consisting of nothing more than pointless violence....frowning....mumbling.....soap opera clap-trap. You don't even need a G.E.D. in order to do that. You just need friends at NBC-TV and SyFy Channel to let you do that.