Monday, January 24, 2011

Universal Studios and SyFy Channel Executives Are Professional Scam Artists - Their Scam Reviews on

Reading the sham, negative reviews of these books on leads one to believe that the Universal Studios and SyFy Channel executives who left these negative reviews come across as sulking children with the emotional maturity of those fresh out of the womb. After all, the books are devoted to criticizing Universal Studios and SyFy Channel executives, so of course these executives would flock to in order to leave these bogus, negative reviews in futile and adolescent attempts to try and defend themselves.

A good chunk of these negative reviews were left by these Universal Studios and SyFy Channel executives who admitted to never purchasing the books at all in their bogus reviews. These executives also proceed to attack the author rather than objectively discussing the contents of the books. They proceed to do so because they know this violation of posting policies will never be enforced by These Universal Studios and SyFy Channel executives rather than purchasing the books legitimately, instead purchased nothing more than packages of chewing gum or other food items on, gaining them access to the book review section of

What these Universal Studios and SyFy Channel executives have failed to do, is have their cake and eat it too. In the sense that (1) is not the only retail outlet these books are being sold at. represents maybe 10% of total sales, whereas the other retail outlets account for the other 90%, and (2) these executives have failed at establishing the wishful existence for themselves of being able to continue to deliberately mismanage the "Battlestar Galactica" copyright....and get away with it. Let them continue to flock to the book review section under false pretenses, while the author finalizes the purchase he just made on the Grand Torino (1968 model, mint condition) made possible by the overall book sales, as well as his new two story home in L.A.

Universal Studios and SyFy Channel executives have always suffered from the delusion that every bit of global information they want to know is accessible from their laptops while they sit on their rumps doing nothing 365 days a year at Universal Studios and SyFy Channel. They think they have achieved a "hole in one"....a "slam dunk" "ace in the hole" via leaving their insignificant (in the grand scheme of things) bogus and self defensive negative reviews of these books on In actuality, they have enflamed curiosity about these books from gapers on the sidelines who have been initially drawn to to make first hand discovery about the books, and then proceed to purchase these books from the alternative retail outlets of their own choosing (perhaps where they have always shopped), where the other 90% of sales have been coming from. So sadly for them, the self defensive inflammatory remarks made about these books, made by these Universal Studios and SyFy Channel who never even purchased or read the books, are not being taken to heart and embraced as gospel as they had hoped. These executives didn't take into account that book buyers do not do the bulk of their book shopping on Not in the year 2011, where short attention spans while web surfing prompt book buyers to make a mental note to buy these books later (after initially glimpsing them on retaill outlets of their own choosing. Whether it be brick and mortar stores or the indirect network of on-line stores they are flocking to. In short, these Universal Studios and SyFy Channel executives are struggling to assert themsevles in a world completely out of their control, where their pompous and overly bloated opinions they make about these books just don't matter to the masses.

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