Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Battlestar Galactica Copyright Is Owned By Eccentric And Truly Disturbed People

That certainly explains why the original and only true series has never been revived in 33 years, and it also explains the truly strange and odd comments coming from the Galactica copyright owners and their stealth marketers posing as legitimate book reviewers on They still haven't gotten it into their thick skulls that these books exist, that these books don't like them, and these books are doing precisely what they were designed to do. More than anything else, the Galactica copyright owners and their stealth marketers just can't stand it when negative opinions of them are beyond their control.  So, we have all of these nutcases on attacking the author in poorly disguised book reviews (The Galactica copyright owners and their stealth marketers make no attempt to hide the fact that they are unconvincing book reviewers [and truly suck at it] on, but that doesn't stop them to try and continue their losing battles against anyone who dares to criticize them.)

I have no doubt that a steady degree of mental illness ravages certain individuals in the movie and television industry (just look at Eli Roth), but the blatant and overwhelming mental illness evident in the negative book reviews of these idiots left behind on indicates that these people are so way out there in the deranged Twilight Zone, that it's no wonder they have been unable to revive the Battlestar Galactica series from the year 1978 in 33 years. These people are truly whacked in the head. To the degree that they never leave comments under the negative reviews of the books, but leave comments under the positive reviews of these books because they consider the positive reviews horrible injustices against them. Now if that isn't psychotic behavior full blast, I don't know what is. According to the Galactica copyright owners and their stealth marketers abusing the book review section of, their negative sham reviews of these books showcased on my blog are valid, positive reviews of these books on are invalid because it must be a horrible conspiracy against them, and their opinions (no matter psychotic they are) are the only valid opinions on Earth as far as they are concerned. Welcome to the mentally ill atmosphere of Universal Studios and SyFy Channel.

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