Monday, January 16, 2012

23 Years Ago, The "Brady Bunch" Was Given The Serious Treatment. It Failed Miserably

Remember that "Very Brady Christmas" nonsense from 23 years ago? When papa Mike Brady was trapped in a mine shaft cave-in and the cast members above were singing Christmas carols outside the mine in the hopes that papa Mike Brady would emerge alive? Critics rightfully slammed this attempted serious take on the sitcom "Brady Bunch" and labeled it "Brady Something" in tribute to the popular drama at the time..."Thirty Something."

So, what does all of this have to do with Bryan Singer, NBC-TV, and their attempted remake of the "Munsters?" Like the "Brady Bunch", the "Munsters" is a ludicrous situation comedy. Like the "Brady Bunch", the "Munsters" is being remade into an intended serious drama. Like the "Brady Bunch", the "Munsters" will fail as an intended serious drama because no matter how hard you try, you can't wipe away the fact that just like the "Brady Bunch", the "Munsters" will forever shall be...a ludicrous situation comedy.

What Bryan Singer and NBC-TV have gotten themselves into is this...

Their remake of the "Munsters" will have unintentional humor in it. No matter how hard they try to make the "Munsters" serious, the audience will be laughing at Bryan Singer and NBC-TV, not digesting the "Munsters" as serious drama. In their miscalculation in revamping the "Munsters" as a serious drama, Bryan Singer and NBC-TV neglected to realize that the world still remembers the "Munsters" sitcom from the 1960s.

I want this piece of schlock to get made, because I want to see Bryan Singer and NBC-TV get laughed right out of their professions for good.

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