Monday, January 30, 2012

The Worst Television Show in The History of Broadcasting is Produced By NBC-Universal

What goes on behind the scenes in the production of every episode of the Maury Povich Show? Could I make an educated guess?

1. The professional actors and actresses posing as "Trailer Park Trash" guests arrive at the studio to begin the preparations for taping an episode.

2. The professional actors and actresses are instructed by the producers as to what their roles will be in this particular episode: Actor 1 will be the dead beat daddy. Actress 2 will be the abandoned single mother.

3. The professional actors and actresses have a table read of the script along with the producers and Maury.

4. Everyone then moves to the stage for rehearsals, script run-throughs, primary camera blocking, and mini-cam camera blocking.

5. Professional acting coaches who have made careers out of working on all of these types of shows for the past 25 years instruct the professional actors and actresses to either heighten or diminish emotionalism in key scenes.

6. The script is then acted out and run through multiple times coordinating movements with all of the camera people.

7. The professional actors and actresses then demonstrate their key acting skill taught to them. Never look directly into the camera when the camera lens zooms in on their faces with tears ever so strategically dripping from their eyes just as the "Zoom-In" occurs.

8. The studio audience is brought in and is instructed to "Hoot & Hollar" on cue during key moments in the acting out of the script.

9. The host has some closing thoughts on the nonsense just performed.

10. Everyone gets a paycheck from NBC-Universal.

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