Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Directing "The Munsters" For NBC-TV Will Not Be a Career Builder For Bryan Singer


I finally figured it out. Directors like Bryan Singer have been setting their career prospects extremely low lately because the DVD market will sustain any "hunk of junk" directors like Bryan Singer choose to waste their filmmaking educations on. "The Munsters" will be one of those "quickie" television projects for Bryan Singer with the ultimate destination for such a project being...right next to the "Spongebob" and "Family Guy" DVDs in your local department stores such as "Wal-Mart" and "Target"...(or do you pronounce it..."Tar-jay?")

Bryan Singer is one of those directors of the "DVD Generation." Where television and certain movie projects are made at lightning speed for the specific purpose of eventually rotting indefinitely on DVD discs. Gone are the glory days of the great Richard Donner directing the magnificent "Superman-The Movie" and that film unto itself being a "global event" for all to enjoy. Bryan Singer is whipping up "fast food" junk for eventual DVD release at lightning speed.

Bryan Singer is limiting his employment opportunities by offering his services solely to NBC-Universal. The "ABC-Family Channel", and "Nickelodeon" are also...always looking for those "Cheap-o"..."leave your intelligence at the door" juvenile type movies such as "The Munsters." Movies that can be whipped up in nine months and broadcast three months later. Bryan Singer could also make a killing directing "Halloween" themed movies for both channels every October.

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