Friday, March 23, 2012

What Are We Repeatedly Seeing With Bryan Singer? A Lack of "Clout" In Getting Anything Done

Forget the "9/11 Excuse" which was used to explain away Bryan Singer's 2001 "Battlestar Galactica" movie falling to pieces. If Steven Spielberg or George Lucas had been the director helming that movie, it would've been made anyway. The point being, with the 2001 "Battlestar Galactica" movie for example, Bryan Singer lacked the back-up resources to get the movie made regardless of "9/11" if in fact "9/11" really did derail the 2001 movie. The sort of back-up resources usually at the fingertips of movie directors with "Clout."

Jump ahead eight years to 2009. Bryan Singer's second attempt at a "Battlestar Galactica" movie also collapsed. Movie directors with "Clout" don't routinely have movies collapse down around their ears in between the announcement of the movie and pre-production, which has been an all too common occurrence with Bryan Singer.

And it isn't just "Battlestar Galactica" that routinely collapses with Bryan Singer signed as the film director. "Excalibur" also collapsed with Bryan Singer signed as the director. We are seeing a pattern with Bryan Singer that has long since emerged, and firmly entrenched itself in his work habits. This guy can't seem to get anything made. He announces movie after movie, and television show after television show that he enjoyed as a kid, and wants to make them all into movies. But it ain't happening. Bryan Singer just isn't getting anything made.

If you can't get anything made in Hollywood, it means you don't have any "Clout." The sort of "Clout" you earn from having a track record like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Bryan Singer wants to make "Battlestar Galactica", "The Munsters", "The Six Million Dollar Man", and "Star Trek" all into new movies and television series. Obviously it's his lack of "Clout" preventing any of these projects from becoming a reality.

If you don't have any "Clout" as a film director in Hollywood, guess what? The studios get to tell you what to do. The studios can dump you at a moment's notice. The studios can freeze all of your dream projects all at once if they so choose. Bryan Singer gives the impression that he is a pinball ricocheting all over the damn place within the bureacracy of not only Universal Studios, but every other studio owning the copyrights to all of the dream projects he wants to make. Because Bryan Singer isn't George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, he is an "itty-bitty" rivet within the giant "stainless steel" wheel of Hollywood bureaucracy. He is as expendable to the movie studios as any janitorial staff cleaning a studio commissary.

So, where does this leave "Battlestar Galactica", "The Munsters", "Six Million Dollar Man", and "Star Trek" for Bryan Singer? Permanently entrenched within his fantasies of getting remade.

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