Sunday, September 23, 2012

Increasingly...Glen A. Larson, Bryan Singer, And Ronald D. Moore Are Looking Like "Flim-Flam Medicine Men" With Chronically Deceptive Internet Press Releases

Glen A. Larson has been doing it for years and years. Bryan Singer is the worst offender out of the three. Ronald D. Moore is trailing the other two but is slowly but surely catching up.

It's a pattern of behavior among the three of them we have been seeing again and again with greater frequency. Announcing that "stupendous...monumental" Science Fiction / Fantasy project that sounds just too good to be true...only to hear nothing of that project ever again and the project never materializes.

From all appearances, the three of these men have lost all clout in Hollywood, even within the smaller circles of Hollywood....a cable channel here, a cable channel there...and use these excessive Internet press releases of theirs to try and project the illusion that they are still in the game and still working. They then bank on the passage of time to fade the memories of their previous Internet press releases, after which they rebound again with a new wave of Internet fraudulent press releases.

I have noticed that the legitimate producers and writers in Hollywood who actually produce product on a continuing, reasonable schedule (Sam Raimi, J. Michael Straczynski, Shaun Levy, Nicholas Meyer) rarely if at all use the Internet to announce their upcoming projects. But instead, just forge ahead and actually produce something. You hear about their projects when they're actually in theaters and on television.

This is what differentiates the legitimate producers and writers in Hollywood...from Glen A. Larson, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer.

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