Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Questions Have to Be Asked Because They Can't Help But Be Asked...


Is this really a behind the scenes photo from "X-Men: Days of Future Past", or is it really a city zoning commission contemplating the construction of a new shopping mall in a redistricted zone in the United States or Canada?

These supposed "Behind the Scenes" photos of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" supposedly being in production have been so generic in their appearance and never giving any indication that they are even associated with any specific Hollywood movie being in production that these questions can't help but be asked...

1. What is this a photo of really?

2. This photo could be a picture of millions of different things in this life. Just use your imagination.

3. Why is Bryan Singer never in any of these supposed "X-Men: DOFP" behind the scenes photos?

4. Why is there never a "Time Stamp" on these photos? Example: March 12, 2013.

5. Why is the 20th Century Fox logo never on any of these photos? Or the all important message..."Property of 20th Century Fox?"

6. Why would 20th Century Fox even allow such supposed behind the scenes information to be released so early? Aren't behind the scenes photos of this nature not supposed to be released until after a movie is in theaters and in this case...such photos would eventually appear in the coffee table sized book...."The Making of  X-Men: Days of Future Past?"

7. Why do these supposed behind the scenes photos from "X-Men: DOFP" never give any indication that they even have anything to do with "X-Men: DOFP?" Instead, these photos always have this odd, generic appearance about them. As if the photos were instead taken inside of a hospital (the supposed wheelchairs of Professor Xavier)....inside of a generic warehouse somewhere (the skeleton section of a curved wall consisting of 2x4s), or the photo above (which could be a picture of just about anything.)

8. One particular photo posted on-line that was supposedly from "X-Men: DOFP" was clearly nothing more than the logo from an earlier "X-Men" movie ("X-Men: Last Stand") specifically.

Perhaps it would help the validity of these photos if they gave some "broad side of a barn indication" that they have something specifically to do with "X-Men: DOFP," or if Bryan Singer were in some of the photos. That in itself would certainly lend credibility to the argument that Bryan Singer is actually there...with his sleeves rolled up fully immersed in this supposed pre-production process. Instead of this business where if you show these generic photos to many different people, you would get different opinions as to what the photos really are. Like the photo above...It could be a picture of just about anything because it so generic.


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