Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Universal Studios Next "Fake" Battlestar Galactica Movie Announcement in The Fall of 2013 Will Cause Even More Eyes to Roll than Usual

....Because Bryan Singer's first theatrical film in five years after "Valkyrie" ("Jack The Giant Slayer") is currently bombing big time at the box office. So no one will ever believe that Bryan Singer will be handed a theatrical film from any studio ever again for any reason.

This latest "fake" Battlestar Galactica press release from Universal Studios and Bryan Singer in October 2011 carried literally no credibility at the time due to it following in the heels of previous "fake" Galactica press releases from Universal Studios and Bryan Singer in 2009, 2008, and 2001.  Any "fake" press releases after this one made by Universal Studios and Bryan Singer will be immediately tossed into the trash heap by everyone as "nonsense."

This "fake" follow-up to the above "fake" press release in August 2012 was the last gasp of a con game from Universal Studios and Bryan Singer with "Battlestar Galactica."

Let's have a quick "reality" reminder here in how things work in Hollywood. "Jack the Giant Slayer" is currently failing at the box office. Five years before that, "Valkyrie" also failed at the box office. Two years before that, "Superman Returns" also failed at the box office.

With a track record like that, it's inevitable that Bryan Singer is involuntarily heading to television permanently. Television movies, sitcoms, and commercials I would think are now on Bryan Singer's director radar.


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