Tuesday, October 27, 2015

As We All Know, There Will Always Be Room For One More...


26. "Battlestar Galactica - Definitive Collection"

Biggest Flaw(s) - Crappy widescreen transfers, Crappy box art

Universal Studios, asleep at the wheel on purpose with all things..."Battlestar Galactica"....as they always are....pooped out of its corporate rear end this stinker of a Blu-Ray release in 2015. Designed to be hated by both..."Battlestar 1978"...fans and general consumers alike....Universal Studios left no stone un-turned with this rotten egg of a Blu-Ray release. Up to and including the usual schtick Universal Studios typically has installed for such releases. (1) Stealth marketing reviews always filled with unconditional love for Universal Studios flawed (on purpose) "Battlestar" products and such reviews always overlooking the obvious flaws (on purpose) of these products. In this case..."Hey!! The box art sucks!!"....and...."Hey!! The widescreen transfers suck ass...!!" With always the cherry on top....(2) Universal Studios ever present and always reliable...."Disc Replacement Program"....for the discs they always screw up on purpose!! In this case, missing footage from the episode..."Magnificent Warriors." 

Isn't Universal Studios always such a..."Boy Scout Trooper"...with a..."Merit Badge"...for consumers in the various...."Battlestar"....related crisis it always create (on purpose) for them? And then it turns around and rescues consumers from the various "Battlestar" related crisis it creates (on purpose) for them. 

A...."Halo"...is always above the corporate head of Universal Studios.

The..."Pope"...would be so proud of....Universal Studios!!


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