Thursday, October 29, 2015

The SyFy Channel Is Still "Wrestling World." Why Does This Stupid Network Never Change No Matter How Often It Announces It Would Change?

"While its Sharknado films have garnered it a small loyal following of geekdom it has also brought it a large share of criticism and the bigwigs over at the network’s parent company, NBC Universal (NBCU), have decided their expansion efforts in large part have failed to bring a larger crowd of non-niche viewers, but just the opposite, it has cost them their real audience, the very expressive and loyal sci-fi fans who have been leaving by the droves since the name-change and expanded non-sci-fi programming experiment took place a few years ago."

NBC-Universal has made one mistake after another in managing this cable network. What idiot would have even contemplated in the first place gutting an outstanding Science Fiction channel in favor of a crappy, general interest cable channel? Even a 14 year old would have said..."Umm, it's not going to work!!"....Of course, NBC-Universal has never been blessed with such street smarts at even the pre-teen intellectual level.

We have seen articles like this over the years for years and years and this stupid network never changes no matter what these articles claim.. It always remains..."Wrestling World"....for the most part with an overall lack of a discernible on-air identity.


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