Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SyFy Channel ("The House of Maury Povich" and Wrestling) Wanted To Do a "Krypton" Prequel Series?


Are you kidding me? With the legendary (and notorious) lack of imagination and inspired thinking SyFy Channel is infamous for...wanted to do a television series set on another planet?

We all know how well that went with Ronald D. Moore's...."GINO" - (Galactica In Name Only)....series, don't we? According to SyFy and Moore...alien planets all look just like the back lot of Vancouver studios in Canada...with sunny skies, parked cars, and apartment buildings all in plain view.

I can just imagine (with horror) how Superman's home planet...."Krypton".....would appear on the SyFy Channel....

[Sunny skies, typical suburban neighborhood on Krypton. Parked cars, houses,  human people walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Zoom in one particular house]

Lara: "Where were you dear? I have a meatloaf in the oven and your flute recital starts in 45 minutes."

Zara: "Well Mom, you know I spend every Wednesday afternoon after cheer leading practice at the..."Oak Forest Mall"....

Lara: "Did you see your brother there?"

Zara: "Bud was at 'Super Cuts' getting a perm. Then he went into town to get more radiator fluid for his pickup truck."

Lara: "Damn, I told that boy to get that hole patched up!! We have the Labor Day parade coming up and his pickup truck is supposed to be pulling the main float with the Boy Scouts in the back!!"


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