Friday, September 16, 2016

Van Helsing: "It Could Have Been Something, Ended Up As Nothing"

...Which is how the Universal Studios owned..."SyFy Channel"...(and when they still owned it as the..."Sci-Fi Channel")....can be summed up in terms of its horrendous programming since Universal Studios bought this channel in 1999 and wrecked it ever since.

The SyFy Channel's latest..."Kick" its unyielding love for...."The Walking Dead"....and endlessly emulating the zombies on that show in all of its programming...

1. "Zombie Vampires".... in..."Vanessa Helsing"....
2. "Zombie Creatures""Wynonna Earp".....
3. "Zombie Zombies""Z Nation".....
4. "Zombie Virus""Helix"....
5. "Zombie Tarantulas" Steve Guttenberg movie

The SyFy Channel has always wished it was any channel other than itself because every other channel has always been where the creativity, inspired thinking, large budgets, profits, and action has always been at in Science Fiction and Horror programming.

The SyFy Channel's latest scheme is to put on cheap Halloween masks and pretend it is the..."AMC Channel"...and every other cable network doing better than it is with Science Fiction and Horror by emulating what is popular and trying to blend in and fit in with cheap and poorly produced knock-offs.

The SyFy Channel itself has always been a..."Rotting Corpse of Creative Bankruptcy" every department of its programming. That's why every other cable channel is always doing better than the SyFy Channel with Science Fiction and Horror programming.

Look at..."Netflix!"....They came up with the highly imaginative...."Stranger Things"....

SyFy Channel...could never have come up with something that imaginative in a million years!!

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