Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I See The SyFy Channel Still Hasn't Fixed The Blinding Orange Glare In All Of Its Original Productions

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Wynonna Earp

Hi guys!! This is... Max Poindexter... here just to remind all of you to keep a pair of SUNGLASSES handy the next time you intend to watch the SyFy Channel.

You see, the SyFy Channel always uses this CHEAP ASS FILM STOCK in all of its original productions which has the unfortunate byproduct of a.... BLAZING ORANGE all of its original productions (movies and tv series) in many, many scenes!!

And in all cases, the BLINDING GLARE is there for no reason at all!! 

I also wear these glasses while I'm getting a sun tan in the tanning bed at my local salon!!

Image result for wynonna earp syfy

Why and what are those blinding lights doing there in this episode of..."Wynonna Earp"...for example? Are they advancing the plot in any way?

1. A technical glitch in the SyFy Channel's cheap ass film stock.
2. And the worst and most negligent...Directors of history work on all SyFy Channel productions.


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