Monday, January 9, 2017

I Think This Picture Pretty Much Sums Up The SyFy Channel's All Encompassing Knowledgeable Command Of The Entire Science Fiction / Fantasy Genre

Image result for wynonna earp syfy

From Wynonna Earp:

1. 4 girls in a room
2. One girl wearing a prom dress
3. Another girl aiming a gun
4. Another girl about to put her hands up
5. A low budget soundstage / room somewhere in Vancouver, British Columbia
6. Another low budget wardrobe from the SyFy Channel's..."Salvation Army / Acme Warehouse"...
7. Which is right next door to the SyFy Channel's..."Interchangeable All Business Suits Low Budget Warehouse"...

Yes, that pretty much sums up the SyFy Channel's all encompassing command of the Science Fiction / Fantasy genre after almost two decades of being on the air as an..."Everything Except Science Fiction"....borderline financially bankrupt basic cable channel.


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