Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Garbage Merchandise Just Doesn't Fly For Any Internal And Retarded Corporate Reason

Universal Studios has been crapping out junk..."Battlestar Galactica"...1978 merchandise since the early 1980's...(on purpose)...

1. The crappy looking VHS tapes of the early - mid 1980's with dark and muddy images.
2. Comic books that didn't look remotely like the 1978 series in characters or technology.
3. The...DAMAGED...DVD set of the 1978 series released in October of 2003.
4. The latest Blu-Ray set with intentionally crappy looking box art to turn away consumers.
5. That same Blu-Ray set with a severely...FLAWED...attempt at widescreening.

And on another SHAMEFUL note...

6. A good 20 minutes of the pilot episode..."Saga of a Star World"...still missing and unaccounted for 39 years later due to Universal Studios ongoing status quo....STUPIDITY...This footage survived into the post production process back in 1978 and was indeed cut into the film before the pilot was butchered by ABC-TV and Universal Studios executives.

Universal Studios has made it a... PRIORITY...to release intentionally crappy looking and technically flawed (on purpose)..."Battlestar Galactica 1978"...merchandise to discourage new generations of consumers as well as the original fanbase from latching onto the..."Battlestar Galactica 1978"....series and giving it the same due fan respect en masse enjoyed by..."Star Wars"...and..."Star Trek"....And Universal Studios has been doing this for 39 consecutive years overall.

The safe vantage point of objective observation continues to prove daily that Universal Studios is ultimately hurting themselves with such carefully choreographed...MISMANAGEMENT....as it has been doing to itself for the past 39 consecutive years.


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I'll leave the other 200 locations under wraps for now.


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