Saturday, March 18, 2017

This Blog Making Yet Another Attempt To Define What The SyFy Channel Is

The SyFy Channel: "A reality based, cheapo, and surreal version of..."Spike TV"....with occasional and rare attempts at dipping its...'Corporate Feet'...into the shallow waters of actual...'Science Fiction'...television programming surrounded by an all encompassing sense of bad taste across the entire board of the human spectrum. The...'SyFy Channel'...knows not what it is...what it is supposed to be in terms of a discernible and coherent on-air identity...and remains as abhorrent towards the very...'Science Fiction'...genre it was supposed to be representing as a cable channel during the past 18 years as much as it has failed at taking stabs at other types of television programming as well."

I think we've come pretty damn close this time at accurately defining this...'God forsaken'.... cable channel.


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