Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Whatever Happened To The "SyFy Channel Cafe" That Never Had Any Paying Customers Or Employees and Had To Resort To "Cardboard Cut-Outs" Of Both?


I loved this place!! You walked in...Sat yourself.....Ordered from a menu sitting on one of the tables...No waitress ever took your order because there were no employees working there...You looked around at no one else sitting in this cafe....You looked at the..."Cardboard Cut-Outs"...of employees and customers....and contemplated man's existence within the universe.

It was a great place to unwind!!

Yet another example of the SyFy Channel's impact on our culture being.....ZERO!!.....

I never did get the opportunity to try the...ZESTY...and...TANGY..."Chicken Cacciatore"...on the menu that no cooks ever would have prepared because there were no cooks working there!!

Or any other employees for that matter!!

In a...SURREAL...way, this cafe jibed right in with the..."Fake Battlestar Galactica Movie"...press releases of NBC-Universal because it reinforced this corporation's business philosophy of...

"If it doesn't exist, we have done our job!!"....

...Which is really NBC-Universal's way of saying...

"We wouldn't know how to make money with anything if anything at our disposal did exist!!"...


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