Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Brandon Routh Owes Everything to "Superman Returns??"

I'm just curious here. What exactly did Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" movie do for Brandon Routh's career? What has "Superman Returns" done for Brandon Routh's career? The movie was widely criticized by critics and Superman fans alike, there were no sequels to this movie, Warner Brothers was deeply disappointed in the movie, and Brandon Routh's next project immediately after "Superman Returns" was the "Direct-to-DVD" low budget stinker..."Dylan Dog".....

I guess if you were in a widely criticized movie like "Superman Returns", and you end up in a prime time series 6-7 years later in a guest starring role, I suppose in a massively roundabout way you could credit "Superman Returns" for landing you that prime time role.

I'm just curious again. What has Brandon Routh been doing in between "Dylan Dog" and landing this prime time role? Dinner theater?

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