Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is Bryan Singer Now a "Jack of All Trades Contract Player" For NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel?

1. Mills Watson - "Sheriff Lobo, The Incredible Hulk", and other Universal Studios shows.
2. Jack Colvin - "Incredible Hulk, Six Million Dollar Man," and other Universal Studios shows
3. Bryan Singer - "Face Off, House, Munsters, Battlestar Galactica"
4. Gerald McRaney - "Incredible Hulk", and other Universal Studios shows

Universal Studios had them all of the time in the late 1970s to mid-1980s. Those same actors you would see again and again making guest appearances on all of the Universal Studios shows. These actors were known as "Contract Players"...harking back to the old studio system when the likes of Judy Garland, Bob Hope, and Vivian Leigh were all contracted to work for one, and only one movie studio.

Bryan Singer is taking his "Contract Player Status" with Universal Studios one step further in that he appears to be a "Jack of All Trades - Contract Player" for NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel. Bryan Singer doesn't just "act" for NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel (his upcoming guest appearance on the SyFy Channel series "Face Off.") He also performs other "duties" for NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel not associated with acting....

1. He makes his bi-ennial "Battlestar Galactica" movie announcements for Universal Studios. The movie he still hasn't made in 11 years. Expect his next "Galactica" movie announcement in October 2013.

2. He directs television pilots for NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel. "The Munsters"

3. He produced (with the help of other producers) the "House" television series for NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel.

4. Bryan Singer may very well move on to directing "schlocky" horror movies for the SyFy Channel. (Extrapolating)

Where ever Bryan Singer is needed (as a "Contract Player for NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel)...that's where NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel places him.

Bryan Singer appears to be (and very likely he is) a "Jack of All Trades Contract Player" for NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel

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