Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Read a Few Good Books Lately?

                         Universal Studios Vs. The 1978 Battlestar Galactica Series: The Common Sense Manual

1. Make special note of the "fake" negative book reviews left by Universal Studios stealth marketers and employees on for all of these books.

2. After all, this is the same Universal Studios that makes routine "fake" press releases...

October 21st, 2011 "Fake" Press Release

August 3rd, 2012 "Fake" Press Release

3. And releases intentionally damaged DVD sets...

                          Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Epic Series

So, after all of this dishonest activity, Universal Studios can be trusted to leave truthful book reviews on, right? And not have honest book reviews removed from, right?
Maybe someday Universal Studios will find all of the other places where these books are being sold, right?


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