Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Does Universal Studios / SyFy Channel & Ronald D. Moore Keep Returning To Do Science Fiction When They Keep Failing at Doing it?



Only one conclusion can be reached when assessing the work of Universal Studios / SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore together in the field of Science Fiction. That this partnership has been the worst in the business and has done no favors overall for Science Fiction. And this partnership has not created any work poised to be remembered decades from now by anyone.

So, after the consecutive failures of "GINO", "Caprica", and "Blood & Chrome", they are re-teaming yet again (for a fourth time) for the above project that sounds typically boring and mundane as anything else this partnership has produced together.

It's time for Universal Studios and Ronald D. Moore to get into another line of work. Maybe westerns, medievel pieces, or sitcoms.

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