Friday, January 18, 2013

Well, The Restored Reviews Deleted By Universal Studios and Are Shaping Up Quite Nicely!!

                           Universal Studios Vs. The 1978 Battlestar Galactica Series: The Common Sense Manual

Universal Studios and didn't like all of the favorable and legitimate reviews the books criticizing Universal Studios were getting on So, they went ahead and deleted them. I went ahead and restored them. And am in the process of restoring all of the rest that they deleted. All of these deleted reviews are being restored in the link above. Enjoy the fun!!

Also enjoy the front door I created in the link above, where you have to read the restored and favorable reviews first before you move on to and read the fake negative reviews of these books written by Universal Studios employees and stealth marketers.

The negative, fake, and stealth marketed written reviews of the books remaining on have an air of desperation about them, don't they? (1) They don't sound like real, legitimate reviews (2) the reviews sound like they are all serving a singular agenda (keep the books from getting read at all costs)...(3) And that the personal lives of everyone who wrote those negative reviews would be seriously modified not to their liking if the books were read.

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