Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are Bryan Singer And Ronald D. Moore Nothing More Than "Wishful Thinking" Status Symbols For NBC-Universal?

I think after all of this time, NBC-Universal still considers it some sort of "coup" to have both Bryan Singer and Ronald D. Moore floating around their corporation here and there despite the fact that neither one of them have produced anything financially successful for the corporation.

Bryan Singer hasn't made a "Battlestar Galactica" movie for them in the 11 years he first announced one, yet NBC-Universal still likes having him around as a..."status symbol" of some sort? The most Ronald D. Moore ever did for NBC-Universal was make an extremely low rated "Galactica" named series for the SyFy Channel which developed an extremely rabid, miniscule, and insignificant fanbase of Internet stealth marketers working for "Abraham & Harrison."

I suspect that NBC-Universal likes having both Moore and Singer under their "corporate roof" previously and presently not doing anything particularly constructive in general or anything of note in the Science Fiction genre because somewhere along the way, NBC-Universal got the erroneous notion into their "corporate heads", that Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer are well thought of in the Science Fiction media genre, and that it would be a real "coup" for them to keep both men under their "corporate roof" even if neither of them ever produce a smash hit Science Fiction franchise for them, or anything else of note for that matter.

Perhaps it's a symptom of NBC-Universal always wanting to be loved by Science Fiction fanbases if they have under their "corporate roof" (what they erroneously believe to be) the two beloved titans of the Science Fiction genre among all fanbases. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Opinions have varied wildly towards Bryan Singer's two "X-Men" movies (for and against), and he completely blundered "Superman Returns." Ronald D. Moore remains what he always has been. A relative unknown, former "Star Trek" producer / writer who completely blundered "Battlestar Galactica." Neither of these two men are loved in any Science Fiction fan / media circles as NBC-Universal seems to want to believe.

It's a safe bet that the entire "Science Fiction Fanbase Infrastructure" of the world would gladly tell NBC-Universal that Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer would not be their first two choices in tackling any Science Fiction movie / television project. That honor would go to the likes of J. Michael Straczynski and Joss Whedon.

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