Monday, February 27, 2012

You Don't Have To Be a High Rolling Studio Executive in Hollywood To Realize Early On...

...That None of Bryan Singer's Recently Announced Movie / Television Projects Will Be Profitable

Does Bryan Singer ever consult anybody as to the financial viability of all of these crap projects he routinely announces?

Bryan Singer seems to currently be on a "Dream Project Spree" of reckless abandon. Apparently driven by all of the old television shows and movies he used to watch as a kid, and wanting to make extremely expensive movies based on all of them.

Isn't it someone's job in Hollywood to take an objective "financial look" at all of these "personal dream projects" Bryan Singer wants to do and tell Bryan Singer what he doesn't want to hear? Such as...

"Sorry Bryan, there just isn't an existing commercial climate for a remake of "The Munsters" at the present time."


"Sorry Bryan, the very notion of Leonardo DiCaprio starring as Steve Austin in "The Six Million Dollar Man" is absolutely ludicrous."

Surely it must be someone's job in Hollywood...whether it be Bryan Singer's agent, his accountant, his parents, or maybe (ha!! ha!!) some level-headed studio executives at Universal Studios (The Black Tower) to tell Bryan Singer flat-out...face to to man...that none of these stupid-ass projects he wants to make (projects that also aren't interesting in the slightest) will make anyone any serious money for any reason.

Someone to bring this guy back down to Earth and temper his endless infatuation with what he watched as a kid....with the economic realities of being a film director and working in Hollywood.

And someone also needs to tell Bryan Singer to try and come up with some original ideas for a change. Actually try to come up with some original ideas all his own.

Yeah, right!! (Ha!! Ha!!)

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