Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roland Emmerich Actually Has a Much, Much Better Track Record Than Bryan Singer And Ronald D. Moore

I was never a fan of Roland Emmerich's movies. I have found them to be pretentious with no character development whatsoever. He has achieved something however that Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer never will. Roland Emmerich actually gets his projects done. When he sets out to make a movie he wants to make, he actually goes out and gets it done. He has even carved a little niche for himself in his career. Successfully making movies he wants to make that no one really gives two hoots about (because of the boring subject matter) until they reach DVD. Nobody's perfect right? But hey!! The point is, he's doing a hell of alot better than Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer in the "actually finishing your intended projects" department.

What's the difference between Roland Emmerich and Ronald D. Moore & Bryan Singer?

Roland Emmerich has a solid work ethic. He gets done what he sets out to do. Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer appear to be all over the map with their work habits. They start projects and then suddenly abandon them. They start projects and then eventually abandon them. Of course, it may also be partially due to what I suspect. That Hollywood is presently being "icy" towards Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer due to "Superman Returns" and the SyFy Channel's sham take on "Battlestar Galactica" falling way below financial expectations. So most of their present projects never seem to see the light of day due to forces beyond their control ("The Powers That Be".) And I have enough confidence to conclude that we will never see Bryan Singer's "Battlestar Galactica" movie he announced in October 2011, or his "Munsters" re-boot. Out of the two projects, we would most definitely only see the "Munsters" re-boot if it did manage to get made. If it does manage to get made, it will take NBC and Singer so long to make it (simply because Singer seems to be going along at a snail's pace with all of his current, intended projects), that the show they're trying to cash in on with the "Munsters", ("The Walking Dead") will be cancelled and out of style by the time the "Munster's debuts.

So, here's a toast to Roland Emmerich for far surpassing Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer in the "actually finishing your intended projects" department.

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