Friday, February 3, 2012

Are Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer Slowly Fading Away From The Movie & Television Business?


Remember the good old days when television producers and movie directors used to be genuinely talented, and they gradually built their careers up over a period of time based solely upon the talents they had? So that by the time they reached retirement age, not only were they filthy rich, but they also left behind a body of work that was genuinely good and permanently woven into our pop culture? Of course I'm speaking of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Ron Howard.

Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer have been going in the opposite direction. The more they work, the more they fade from public view and public awareness. The harder they try, the more resilient resistance is to their projects getting off of the ground. The more projects they announce, it's that many more projects that never see the light of day. And quite frankly, what projects Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer do manage to get off of the ground, just aren't very good.

The last we heard of Ronald D. Moore, he was trying to get his "Precinct 17" or whatever off of the ground with NBC-TV. That crashed and burned. And this was last year. The last we heard of Bryan Singer, he really truly wanted to devote his undivided attention to a "Battlestar Galactica" theatrical film, at least until the "Munsters" television pilot came along a month later with that supposedly being Bryan Singer's new passion in life. Not surprisingly, we haven't heard any further elaboration from either of these two projects Bryan Snger is supposedly helming.

It isn't difficult by any means to notice a parallel between the careers of Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer. (How could you not notice it unless you intentionally looked the other way?) These two guys are slowly fading away from the movie and television business. A lack of creative talent and inspired thinking tends to do that. Not only are these two guys going nowhere in the Science Fiction / Fantasy media business, but they're also going nowhere in Hollywood. Moore and Singer announce project after project that they want to do, yet none of them see the light of day.

The problem with Ronald D. Moore is, he can only come up with endlessly recycled "Star Trek" ideas for projects erroneously titled "Battlestar Galactica" and for anything else he wants to peddle around Hollywood. The problem with Bryan Singer is, he can't get any project off of the ground he announces, period. We will never see the "Battlestar Galactica" movie Bryan Singer announced in October 2011 because that is just how he is. He can't get anything off of the ground he announces. To be fair, in the case of "Battlestar Galactica", Bryan Singer is getting a shit load of help from Universal Studios in keeping that project dead.

I think two old projects have come back to haunt the careers of Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer that they didn't produce and direct very well at all. And the lack of financial success of these two projects is putting up road blocks (in Hollywood) for these two guys in getting anything else off of the ground. Of course I'm speaking of Ronald D. Moore's failed attempt at reviving "Battlestar Galactica", and Bryan Singer's failed attempt at making a sequel to Richard Donner's two "Superman" movies originally starring Christopher Reeve. The horrific "Superman Returns."

It's a simple money and numbers game in Hollywood that I believe has not only stalled the careers of both of these guys, but is causing their careers to slowly fade away.

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