Friday, February 10, 2012

The Sad Thing is, This is a Realistic Assessment of The Present Status of The "GINO" Cast and Crew

There was no yielding of financial "fruit" for the cast and crew of Ronald D. Moore's "GINO" (Galactica In Name Only) series. A decade after "GINO" debuted, the cast and crew are not living in mansions, do not have a "Wall Street wardrobe", and do not have sparkling future employment prospects. Certainly not in the sense that any major movie studio or major television network would presently or at any time in the future throw millions of dollars behind any of the "GINO" cast and crew members shown above for any project.

Financially, "GINO" did precisely for Ronald D. Moore, James Callas, and Edward James Olmos what any poorly produced, poorly written, and low rated television series for a backwater badly managed cable network (SyFy Channel) would do. Render the lot of them "roaming raga-muffins" across the countryside on the outer fringes of Hollywood civility once the "GINO" series folded. Occasionally doing the comic book convention circuit in blue jeans and work shirts.

My how the mighty have fallen since the days of doing the cover photo for "Entertainment Weekly" magazine despite the astonishing low ratings for "GINO" at the time. And despite 95% of the mass market television audience being completely unaware of the "GINO" television series at the time. The "GINO" cast and crew are still "mass market unknowns" now just as they were then. The only difference now is, they don't have a "steroid induced, pumped-up stealth marketing future" ahead of them when the "GINO" television series was still brand new.

So the above film clip, (though intended to be humorous) is a remarkably accurate snapshot of the present prospects of the "GINO" cast and crew in Hollywood.

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