Sunday, April 8, 2012

How Much Longer Can a Channel As Boring As The "SyFy Channel" Possibly Survive?

The SyFy Channel has successfully proven (as laughably managed by Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, and Mark Stern), that the more ambiguous it has become, the more boring it has become also. Cable channels without a discernable on-air identity tend to be that way.

Of course, boredom hasn't been the SyFy Channel's only problem. Combine that with the channel's frequent mistakes in such areas as misinterpreting "Battlestar Galactica", having no love for the Science Fiction genre overall, favoring Horror over Science Fiction, and its reckless abandon in throwing any old thing on the air (Wrestling, the "Cape Fear" movie etc.), and you have a channel with no reason for really existing.

So, why is the SyFy Channel still hanging around? Why does it still insist on existing? Viewers can get wrestling from ESPN, the "Cape Fear" movie on DVD, all well done Science Fiction on DVD, and cooking shows on the Food Network, as well as cooking shows from Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart.

If the SyFy Channel was known for doing something....anything as innovative (and doing it well), then it would certainly justify its own existence. But to only (and repeatedly) offer viewers the same old types of shows that are always done much better everywhere else is certainly no reason for the SyFy Channel to still be hanging around.

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