Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whatever Happened To The Long Term And Proud Legacy Ronald D. Moore's "Galactica in Name Only" (GINO) Series Was Supposed To Leave Behind?

Oh, that'r right!! All of that "Proud Legacy" nonsense vanished after "GINO" was cancelled during its low rated fourth season. Preceded by its other three low rated seasons.

All of that "Proud Legacy" nonsense vanished the moment "GINO" was unplugged from its "Steroid Pumped-Up Stealth Marketing Machine" orchestrated by the stealth marketing firm "Abraham & Harrison."

All of that "Proud Legacy" nonsense was as artificial as the invite "GINO" received from the United Nations.

And as artificial as that ridiculous award that "GINO" received from Harlan Ellison.

All of those fake accolades "GINO" received and the fake meanings attached to them vanished as soon as "GINO" was cancelled.

So goes the "Temporary Urinary Waste Environment" of the television industry.

I'm reminded of the episode "The Lost Warrior" from the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" series. The moment the character of "LeCerta" has his primary henchman taken from him...The armed "Cylon Centurion"....."LeCerta" quietly walks into the darkness of night never to return.

Armed "Cylon Centurion" = "GINO's" stealth marketing campaign.
"LeCerta" = Ronald D. Moore

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