Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who Could Direct And Make An Outstanding "Battlestar Galactica" Movie? Shawn Levy

Although I didn't find "Night at The Museum" and "Night at The Museum 2: Battle For The Smithsonian" to be necessarily funny, Shawn Levy handled both large scale productions with ease and professionalism. As the director of both films, I tip my hat to him for directing both large scale productions within a close time span of one another. This guy can handle chaos on screen with all of the CGI and the hundreds of extras that go along with it like an old pro who has been directing for decades. Plus, both films were period piece costume dramas from many different eras. A nightmare unto itself from a production standpoint.

Forget Bryan Singer, who hasn't been able to pull himself together in directing a "Battlestar Galactica" movie for 11 years now (and counting.) If I were in charge of hiring a director to helm a "Battlestar Galactica" movie, not only would I not take Bryan Singer seriously for the job, but I would easily cast him aside and hire Shawn Levy, based solely upon his directorial achievements in "Night at The Museum 1 & 2." Shawn Levy could very easily handle the directorial complexities of a "Battlestar Galactica" movie and its sequel. wouldn't take him 11 + years to pull himself together in order to do it.

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