Monday, April 30, 2012

I Just Happened To Be Browsing One Day And Wondered If Any Of This Stuff Might Apply To The DVD Set Below

I especially liked this tasty little morsel right here...

quote - "The goal of product liability laws is to help protect consumers from dangerous products, while holding manufacturers, distributors, and retailers responsible for putting into the marketplace products that they knew or should have known were dangerous or defective. Depending upon the jurisdiction, the liability of the various parties involved as the product passes from the manufacturer to the consumer will vary." - unquote

This is a fun article too...

Was "Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Epic Series" (the DVD set above) ever product tested in 2003 via (an experimental prototype for study before mass distribution) for any sorts of  manufacturing defects (such as disc freezing due to excessive content on the first disc - 'The 3-hour pilot movie', a 45 minute minute documentary, 32 minutes of deleted scenes on side 1, more deleted scenes on side 2, the '2 hour second episode', a 5 minute mini-doc with Glen A, Larson, a 5 minute mini-doc with Stu Phillips, and a three way audio commentary with Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, and Herb Jefferson Jr?")

I didn't think so...

And all of this content was crammed into a crappy "DVD-18" disc??

Sweet Holy Moses!!

That comes out to be roughly "7 hours" of material crammed onto one disc. A television mini-series of the same length would be spread out over 3 DVD discs at the very least if put out by any other movie studio not insane like Universal Studios is.

Sweet Holy Moses!!

No wonder you can't watch the entire middle portion of "Saga of a Star World" because the disc freeze begins just at the point where Boxey is abducted by the Ovions and continues on through to the point where Adama and Tigh are discussing the various mysteries of "Carillon" in Adama's quarters.

Sweet Holy Moses!!

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