Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ronald D. Moore And Sony Renewed Their Contract Together? Why?


According to one of the derelicts on the now extremely antiquated forums, Sony and Ronald D. Moore have renewed their contract together after what? Two unfruitful years together? What have Sony and Ronald D. Moore produced together during the past two years other than the rejected "17th Precinct" pilot? What has Ronald D. Moore brought to Sony other than that rejected television pilot?

I think Sony has lapsed into the same bad habits as NBC-Universal in that they are perfectly contented to have a guy on their payroll (Bryan Singer) who is all personal and stealth marketing hype and nothing else. Nothing in terms of actually delivering projects that are profitable and long term durable.

I think both Universal Studios and Sony executives patiently stare up at the stars along with Bryan Singer and Ronald D. Moore hoping that some stupendous, financially successful project will be conjured up among the lot of them together. Nothing ever happens, but Moore's and Singer's contracts keep getting rubber stamp renewals regardless.

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