Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Out of All The Projects Bryan Singer Has Announced Over The Years, His Most Insignificant is The Only One Coming to Fruition

Let's recap, shall we?

Out of the scores of new theatrical projects Bryan Singer has announced and has claimed to be working on, not one of them has come to fruition...ever. And this includes:

1. Battlestar Galactica
2. Logan's Run
3. Six Billion Dollar Man
4. Excalibur

Yet, during the past half decade, the only...and I mean the only Bryan Singer project that has ever made any sort of significant progress, is the most insignificant of his projects of all...

A piss-pot little television pilot for NBC which is nothing more than a remake of "The Munsters."

My how the mighty have fallen....

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Bryan Singer was poised to become the next Steven Spielberg or George Lucas. It never happened because Singer spent the entire decade of the 2000s announcing scores of projects and literally abandoning them a few hours later.

Bryan Singer has taken a massive hit to his career and his clout, and I'll tell you why...

Theatrical films are a director's medium and television projects are a producer's medium. This means on "The Munsters", Bryan Singer is going to working for alot of producers whereas if he had had the clout to get any of his announced theatrical projects off the ground, he would have been working for himself with input from producers.

The fact that out of all of the various projects Bryan Singer has announced over the years ( 99% of them theatrical) none of them he could get off the ground, yet the only project he could get off the ground (actually the producers got this project off the ground) was a piss-pot little television remake of "The Munsters", tells me that Bryan Singer is heading straight to television....permanently. Making failed television pilots based upon old television series. And being an ever roaming, hired hand television director for television producers.

I'll make an educated guess here and declare that Bryan Singer is now officially done as a theatrical director. This "Munsters" television pilot confirms it.

I also suspect that Bryan Singer's next port of call will be as a sitcom director.

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