Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Did Bryan Singer's "Excalibur" Movie Really Die?

Well, I can certainly subscribe to the theory that someone else beat Bryan Singer to the punch due to Bryan Singer inching along at a snail's pace during the pre-production process.

You could certainly plug this theory into "Battlestar Galactica" and it would explain why a Bryan Singer "Galactica" movie has never materialized in 12 years.

You could also plug this theory into "The Munsters", "The Six Billion Dollar Man", and "Star Trek" and it would explain why these projects aren't unfolding either due to Bryan Singer taking 100 years during the pre-production process.

But is there something else going on here which would explain why Bryan Singer had the "Excalibur" movie yanked from him? Something additional having to do with Bryan Singer's modus operandi of snail's pace in everything he does?

Such as, the studio lost confidence in him during the pre-production process? And not just due to his snail's pace during the pre-production process?

If you look at Bryan Singer's work history during the past decade, it is remarkably light. He very rarely comes through with a project. If he does manage to do so, it takes him years and years to do so. He has been working on "Jack The Giant Killer" for hundreds of years.

In Hollywood, professionalism = expediency. It isn't good enough that you merely know how to make movies very well. You have to crank them out very quickly. I would assume that if you don't crank a project out quickly, you gain a reputation of not being professional.

In the case of "Excalibur", perhaps the studio saw that Bryan Singer wasn't a professional film director because he wasn't fast enough in the director's chair. In some studio's eyes, this may very well mean..."This kid needs to go back to film school."

If Bryan Singer had been the director of the "Avengers" movie presently in theaters, (and not Joss Whedon)...the "Avengers" movie would presently be locked in development hell, eternally stuck in between the press release announcing the movie, and eternal pre-production damnation. The "Avengers" movie would not be in theaters right now if Bryan Singer had been the director.

October 17th 2011...Bryan Singer announced that he was directing a "Battlestar Galactica" movie, just as he announced in 2009 and 2001. The 2009 and 2001 "Battlestar" movies never came to pass. We are now moving into the 7 month mark of the October 17th 2011 announcement, and there is no physical evidence whatsoever that this supposed "Battlestar" movie even exists.

With any other film director, hitting the 7 month mark after a movie's press release would indicate that the world would be very aware of active, physical pre-production going on with that movie.

Not Bryan Singer.

Thus far, the Bryan Singer projects that are not getting made:

1. Battlestar Galactica
2. The Six Billion Dollar Man
3. The Munsters
4. Star Trek
5. X-Men 4 &5

Would Bryan Singer care to share with the world any of his other projects that won't be getting made either?

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