Saturday, May 12, 2012

Universal Studios Keeps Announcing And Keeps Failing To Produce, This "Battlestar Galactica" Movie Every Two Years

It certainly makes no business sense whatsoever to keep announcing the same movie every two years and repeatedly failing to produce it.

Of course, Universal Studios has never been known for good business sense.

The wear and tear on a movie studio's reputation would certainly take its toll after awhile.

Of course, Universal Studios has never cared about the well being of its global reputation since they first began announcing and failing to produce this "Battlestar Galactica" movie beginning in 2001.

What sorts of corporate and political benefits would be reaped from a movie studio repeatedly announcing (be-ennially) and failing to produce (be-ennially) the same movie again and again?

Of course, no financial benefits whatsoever. In the case of Universal Studios, the benefits would be extremely political, extremely self-centered, and extremely creepy as in straight out of the Twilight Zone. Translation: No benefits any regular human being would understand. Only the extremely creepy dudes working in Universal Studios "Black Tower" would understand any sorts of benefits reaped from intentionally not producing a movie after repeatedly re-announcing it every two years.

Could Bryan Singer have an equal hand in this movie repeatedly and intentionally not being produced?

Absolutely!! Since Bryan Singer couldn't jump-start a tricycle no matter how hard he tried, and his extremely skimpy work history is most likely due to his preference for routinely abandoning movies during pre-production, his allegience with Universal Studios is icing on the cake for this "Battlestar Galactica" movie never getting made.

Will this movie ever get made?

Not as long as the extremely creepy dudes in Universal Studios "Black Tower" continue to reap their extremely creepy and intangible benefits from repeatedly announcing this movie every two years and deliberately not producing it every two years. And not as long as Universal Studios continues to own and deliberately mismanage the property.

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