Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Piss-Poor Quality of Many of Universal Studios DVDs Can Be Equated With Illegal Bootlegs Manufactured In China


Were the above positive reviews stealth-marketed and staged?


quote - "True,

It's more to do with cheap manufactering than security problems. That said alot of new copy protected discs people are having problems playing on their dvd player.

Universal is legendary for their defective dvd-18 discs. I have only had problems with Kolchak, Kojak & The Monster Legacy Gift Set.

Uni isn't as bad anymore due to the fact they pretty much changed most of their season set discs in single/dual layer disc now.

It really is sad that so many great titles got released with those shitty dvd-18 discs.It's funny that other studios double sided discs I have never had a problem with?-odd." - unquote


quote - "Universal Studios Home Entertainment (USHE) sells defective DVD's. The third DVD disk of a set for a TV series was defective right out of the box. Several of the episodes would not play.

USHE will not answer my emails or complaints on their website. They also did not respond to my BBB complaint. A web search revealed that many others have had similar problems with their defective DVD's. For a while USHE had a program to replace their defective disks but it no longer exists.

They will replace 'consumer damaged disks' for $8 but I didn't damage my disk and why should I pay $8 to replace a defective product? Don't buy DVD's made buy USHE! 0"  - unquote

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