Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I Have Come To The Unmistakable Conclusion That The "Cerebral Intellect" of SyFy Channel Executives is That of Children

Poorly produced and poorly written...."Clap - Trap".....indicative of intellects housed within the brains of children is what the...."SyFy Channel".....continues to spew forth on a daily basis with its television programming offending and assaulting the senses.

Let it also not go unnoticed that the...."SyFy Channel".....feeds upon its own business failures. The more it fails as a business....the more energized it gets.

"Sharknado" was another......ludicrous flop......from the mind of the...."SyFy Channel"....yet is back one year later with a sequel because the...."SyFy Channel's"....personal definition of success is when one of its movies is talked about on...."Twitter"....by a small group of contributors.


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