Saturday, July 26, 2014

Let Me Guess. The Reason Why a "Battlestar Trailer" Shown At "Comic-Con 2014" This Weekend Hasn't Been Bigger News Than it Should Have Been....

....Is because the trailer didn't go over well at all with the viewing audience since Universal Studios mangled and contorted the "Battlestar" concept so severely it was unrecognizable to the viewing audience....

....So the only news we have is a little blurb in a "Latin Newspaper" with a link that takes forever to display, and the said trailer not even in the article as was stated.

Me thinks if Universal Studios did film enough of something for a trailer with the name...."Battlestar Galactica"....on it and the reception it got was....."Arctic, Chilly" "Comic Con" this weekend...Translation: (The contents of the trailer in fact, were not in actuality...."Battlestar Galactica")....It's back to the drawing board for Universal Studios, isn't it?


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