Monday, July 28, 2014

Perhaps The Fastest...."Close The Curtain Quickly!!".....Performance Of Any Kind In History!!

What do we know?

At "Comic-Con" this weekend, a trailer was apparently shown to an audience that had...."Battlestar Galactica".... in the title. Only one news source has reported this story...."The Latin Times." No other news outlets have carried this story thus far. The one link to this story throughout the entire Internet carried by...."The Latin Times"....has a link so bad it freezes and this supposed trailer is not displayed in this link as is claimed. A link so bad I couldn't repost it from the article beneath this one on display.


1. If there was a trailer shown at "Comic-Con", Universal Studios...."Crashed & Burned"....with this trailer so severely (crushing scorn from the viewing audience), the story of this trailer wasn't released to any other news outlets.

2. "The Latin Times" rendered its link to this story inaccessible because it was perhaps too quick in posting this story in the first place.

3. If there was a trailer shown, it demonstrated once again that Universal Studios is...."Hell Bent Determined" turn..... "Battlestar Galactica".....into something (anything) other than what it truly is....the legitimate source material from the...."1978 Series."

4. If there was a trailer shown, its contents were no doubt a...."Pacific Rim - esque"....."Transformers - esque"...."Walking Dead - esque"......"Star Trek - esque"......pile of ground together horse manure with all of the charm and flair of your average (low budget)...."SyFy Channel".....horror movie.

5. If there was a trailer shown, it reinforced the valid argument that most individuals within the decision making department at Universal Studios should not be employed anymore for any reason.


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