Thursday, July 24, 2014

There Is Only So Far You Can Take The Unfunny Joke Only The SyFy Channel Laughs At..."Isn't It Wonderful How Terrible Our Movies Are?"

NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel makes terrible movies...period. It makes terrible movies because it doesn't have the talent on staff to make good movies. It also refuses to spend more money to hire talented people to make good movies. There is nothing funny about this. There is nothing funny about having a..."Cerebral Handicap" this extreme. There is nothing funny about the fact that this corporation should not be in the profession that it is in due to having no talent whatsoever in what it does.

The true colors of this corporation (NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel) cerebrally speaking is disposable garbage like...."Maury Povich"....."Blind Date"....and anything on the SyFy Channel primarily from the "Bonnie Hammer" era. So it comes as no surprise that a corporation of this mentality would come up with something like..."Sharknado"....Devoid of anything of talent, inspired thinking, and imagination.

Steven Spielberg's...."Jaws" has nothing to worry about and never did.


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