Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are Bad Movies Not Being Monitored While They Are Being Made At Universal Studios?

Here's a thought. Whenever a bad movie is being made at Universal Studios, how about monitoring the..."Daily Rushes".... while..."Principal Photography".... is going on in order to shift directions if necessary in order to prevent future bad movies from being made?

Surely there would be early indications in the...."rushes" to whether or not a movie is working or not. That is the purpose of...."rushes".....isn't it? Reshooting key scenes with rewrites if your movie just isn't working?

So, how did....."Cowboys & Aliens"....."Land of The Lost"....and....."R.I.P.D."....all get past this very basic monitoring process which could have prevented all three of these films from being bad movies?

Why is that so hard? You simply monitor what you are filming every step of the way and reshoot scenes if the performances and / or story in your movie just aren't working.


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