Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Think I Have It Figured Out Now. The "SyFy Channel" Is The Cable Network Subsidiary Of "The Asylum"...The Worst Film Studio of All Time

The worst cable network of all time (SyFy Channel) doing 95% of its business with the worst film studio of all time (The Asylum)....and broadcasting most if not all, of the...."Junk"....the "Asylum" routinely manufactures....past and present...."The Asylum" never had exposure like this before the SyFy Channel came along....As unimpressive in ratings numbers that exposure has been...

1. Z Nation
2. Sharknado 2
3. Sharknado 1
4. Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus
5. Frankenfish
6. Area 51
7. Ice Spiders
8. Paul Bunyan
9. Sharktopus
10. Blood Monkey

Like people in this world are attracted to one another absolutely. In this case, the "SyFy Channel" and "The Asylum" found one another....collided into one another....and mutated into a..."Corporate Parent" - (The Asylum)...and "Corporate Subsidiary" - (SyFy Channel) business relationship from Hell.


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