Saturday, August 2, 2014

There Is Nothing Virtuous Or Humorous In Being Unable To Make Good Movies. And The "SyFy Channel" Still Hasn't Figured Out How To Turn This Handicap Into "Mass Market Success"

The SyFy Channel is not run by theater or "Broadway" veterans. It is not run by Science Fiction fans, Horror fans, or by anyone who has a remote love of anything..... "artistic."

Instead, the SyFy Channel is run by...."Bean Counters"....."Lawyers"....."Business School Grads"....and an entire conglomeration of nitwits (at the lower levels of day to day operations in their shedding drywall cubicles) = (observing their suicidal "Koala Bears" hanging from over head ceiling fans for scenery) who have no love for anything.... "artistic"....and have no innate talents for......"imaginative".....or....."inspired thinking." All working against the....."Common Good"....of providing quality television entertainment for the masses.

And as much as the SyFy Channel would love to claim otherwise...."It"....has never had its...."Corporate Pulse".....on anything...."Mass Market Audiences"....would like to see.

Being intellectually incapable of making good movies.....(The cerebral affliction the SyFy Channel suffers from) is nothing to be celebrated. Certainly not encouraged. Such an affliction needs to be weeded out completely and replaced with the antidote of....."All New Personnel at The SyFy Channel."


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