Thursday, August 21, 2014

Because When Everything Else is "Fizzling" On The SyFy Channel, Why Not Just Rip-Off "The Walking Dead?"

Why not?

The long since, overly explored and beaten to death "Zombie Genre" has everything the SyFy Channel has historically loved in the past:

1. Making a television series out of someone else's idea.

2. It's financially safe to not take any risks with fresh, new ideas.

3. No imagination is required to beat the "Zombie Genre" to death with long since traversed territory by everyone else who has ever made a "Zombie" movie / tv series.

4. The SyFy Channel will explore story ideas already long since explored (for decades) by everyone else in the "Zombie Genre".....particularly George A. Romero:

a. Protagonist (s) suddenly wake up / encounter a changed dangerous world where former people are now inexplicably zombies.

b. No medical explanation given except for maybe a faint reference to a comet passing overhead infecting the Earth's atmosphere with unusual radiation.

c. Zombies invading shopping malls, farmhouses, parking garages, condemned buildings, nurseries, subdivisions, with the protagonist (s) holed up in there.

5. Let's not forget the...."Stock Character"....Zombies the SyFy Channel will bring us:

a. The little girl in the nightgown carrying a teddy bear with her throat ripped out.

b. hands, construction workers, cops, fat people, hicks, etc.

I won't be watching because I've already seen all of this stuff in "The Walking Dead" and the "George Romero" movies.

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