Monday, August 25, 2014

Yes, You Can See Many Unfortunate Things If you Choose to Watch One of The "Infamous" Horror Movies of The SyFy Channel and "Asylum Films"

What will you see when you watch one of these...."Wretched"

1. How a horror movie should not be produced, written, and directed...Inadequate funding, poorly rendered CGI, people behind the cameras with no skills in bringing a story to life in an entertaining way.

2. Actors in front of the camera (all former actors from the 1970s) who have all aged 150 years in the past 40 years and have all lost the ability to act.

3. The same script (story) being repeated over and over again in each new movie with only the badly rendered CGI monsters changing from one movie to the next.

4. Each new horror movie not even worthy of being referred to as a...."So bad its good cult classic."

5. Each new horror movie having a final resting place in the...."Discount DVD Bin" Wal-Mart. And still not selling even with a $5.00 sticker price.

6. Badly made horror movies in general that never should have been made in the first place no thanks to the bad management at the SyFy Channel.

No thank you....I'll stick with all of the outstanding and actual Science Fiction currently available on DVD.


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