Monday, December 14, 2015

Charting One Of The SyFy Channel's "Chameleonic Phases"

If you're not careful and not paying attention...this channel will gradually change its identity from one moment to the next right before your very eyes hoping that you're not paying attention while it's doing so.

1. Up to 2015...this was the SyFy Channel's favorite pile of cannon fodder 75% of the time. The perfect pile of donkey dung and time waster for a channel (SyFy) that never had a discernible on-air identity. It was just...."That Channel"....showing wrestling 75% of the time.

2. It would then suddenly and without warning pull something...."Science Fictiony"....out of its corporate hat just to unsuccessfully try and deceive you (the viewer) into believing that it was still a Science Fiction channel.

3. As time went on, The SyFy Channel would then begin rotting and eroding right before your very eyes once again taking on this sort of...."Maury Povich - esque"....trashy attitude towards everything it would put on the air. If it wasn't nailed down and it was cheap and easily would end up on the air...on the SyFy Channel.

a. "C.S.I." reruns
b. Any movie (any subject matter) from the Universal Studios film vault.
c. The..."Geeks Who Drink"....television show.
d. Anything produced by that horrid...."Asylum Films"....production company.

4. The garbage the SyFy Channel was putting on the air would then magnify a thousand fold with crapola movies like...."Sharknado".....which the SyFy Channel would try to pass off as...."Annual Event Programming"....

5. Science Fiction (never well done by the SyFy Channel) would then pop its head in once again on the SyFy Channel to unsuccessfully try and deceive viewers into believing that it was still a Science Fiction channel.


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