Friday, December 18, 2015

It Can Only Mean One Thing When Yet Another Favorable Commercial Climate Is Created By Yet Another Space Based Franchise Entry....

....Universal Studios will ignore the recent and favorable commercial climate created by such an entry and not bring back the..."The 1978 Battlestar Galactica Series" leaden response.

As any rational and sane business person on Wall Street would unanimously agree to....

"That's Just Nuts!!"

Let's journey back to yesteryear and note all of the other...."Favorable Commercial Climates"....created by other space based projects Universal Studios chose to ignore and not bring back..."1978 Battlestar Galactica" their individual and collective commercially successful aftermath...

1. All three "Star Wars" prequels
2. "Star Trek: Into Darkness"
3. "The "Star Trek" theatrical reboot with Chris Pine
4. All "Star Trek" theatrical films with the "Next Generation" / Rick Berman era cast members
5. All "Star Trek" theatrical films with the William Shatner era cast members
6. "Star Trek: Enterprise" in syndication.
7. "Star Trek: Voyager" in syndication
8. "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" in syndication
9. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in syndication
10: Marvel movies such as "Guardians Of The Galaxy"
11. The "Transformers" movies

And everyone at Universal Studios from the top down still have their jobs? Including Ron Meyer?

I guess the...."Pope" ultimately in charge of Universal Studios. That would be the only way to explain such forgiveness of that magnitude within a corporation.


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